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Nussbaumer, S U; Zumbühl, Heinz J (2012). Sous l'œil des hommes. L'histoire de la Mer de Glace depuis 1570 reconstituée à l'aide de l'iconographie et des écrits historiques. In: Nussbaumer, Samuel U; Deline, Philip; Vincent, Christian; Zumbühl, Heinz J. Mer de Glace. Art et science. Chamonix: Atelier Esope, 80-159.

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Zemp, Michael; Zumbühl, H J; Nussbaumer, S U; Masiokas, M H; Espizua, L E; Pitte, P (2011). Extending glacier monitoring into the Little Ice Age and beyond. PAGES News, 19(2):67-69.

Nussbaumer, S U; Nesje, A; Zumbühl, H J (2011). Historical glacier fluctuations of Jostedalsbreen and Folgefonna (southern Norway) reassessed by new pictorial and written evidence. Holocene, 21(3):455-471.

Stewart, M M; Grosjean, M; Kuglitsch, F G; Nussbaumer, S U; von Gunten, L (2011). Reconstructions of late Holocene paleofloods and glacier length changes in the Upper Engadine, Switzerland (ca. 1450 BC–AD 420). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 311(3-4):215-223.

Zemp, Michael; Paul, F; Andreassen, L M; Arino, O; Bippus, G; Bolch, T; Braithwaite, R; Braun, L; Caceres, B E; Casassa, G; Casey, K A; Ceballos, C L; Citterio, M; Delgado, H; Demuth, M; Espizua, L E; Farokhnia, A; Fischer, A; Foppa, N; Frey, H; Fujita, K; Gärtner-Roer, I; Glowacki, P; Haeberli, W; Hagen, J O; Hoelzle, M; Holmlund, P; Giesen, R H; Kääb, A; Khromova, T; Kotlarski, S; Le Bris, R; Li, Z; Meier, M; Meneghel, M; Mool, P; Nussbaumer, S U; Peduzzi, P; Plummer, S; Popovnin, V V; Prinz, R; Rack, W; Rastner, P; Raup, B; Rinne, E; Seifert, F M; Seiz, G; Severskiy, I; Shepherd, A; Sigurdsson, O; Strozzi, T; Vincent, C; Wheate, R; Yakovlev, A (2011). Summary of International Glacier Monitoring Summit. Earth Observer, 23(4):28-31.

WGMS 2011. Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin No. 11 (2008–2009). Edited by: Zemp, Michael; Nussbaumer, S U; Gärtner-Roer, I; Hoelzle, M; Paul, F; Haeberli, W (2011). Zürich: World Glacier Monitoring Service.

Fontana, F M A; Trishchenko, A P; Luo, Y; Khlopenkov, K V; Nussbaumer, S U; Wunderle, S (2010). Perennial snow and ice variations (2000–2008) in the Arctic circumpolar land area from satellite observations. Journal of Geophysical Research, 115:F04020.

Winkler, S; Chinn, T; Gärtner-Roer, I; Nussbaumer, S U; Zemp, Michael; Zumbühl, H J (2010). An introduction to mountain glaciers as climate indicators with spatial and temporal diversity. Erdkunde, 64(2):97-118.

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