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Kano, M; Coen, S J; Farmer, A D; Aziz, Q; Williams, S C R; Alsop, D C; Fukudo, S; O'Gorman, R L (2014). Physiological and psychological individual differences influence resting brain function measured by ASL perfusion. Brain Structure & Function, 219(5):1673-1684.

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Fusar-Poli, P; Stone, J M; Broome, M R; Valli, I; Mechelli, A; McLean, M A; Lythgoe, D J; O'Gorman, R L; Barker, G J; McGuire, P K (2011). Thalamic glutamate levels as a predictor of cortical response during executive functioning in subjects at high risk for psychosis. Archives of General Psychiatry, 68(9):881-990.

O'Gorman, R L; Siddiqui, A; Alsop, D C; Jarosz, J M (2010). Perfusion MRI demonstrates crossed-cerebellar diaschisis in sickle cell disease. Pediatric Neurology, 42(6):437-440.

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