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Michels, Lars; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Kucian, Karin (2018). Functional hyperconnectivity vanishes in children with developmental dyscalculia after numerical intervention. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 30:291-303.

Wehrle, Flavia M; Latal, Beatrice; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Hagmann, Cornelia F; Huber, Reto (2017). Sleep EEG maps the functional neuroanatomy of executive processes in adolescents born very preterm. Cortex, 86:11-21.

Wehrle, Flavia M; Kaufmann, Liane; Benz, Laura D; Huber, Reto; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Latal, Beatrice; Hagmann, Cornelia F (2016). Very preterm adolescents show impaired performance with increasing demands in executive function tasks. Early Human Development, 92:37-43.

Ghisleni, Carmen; Bollmann, Steffen; Biason-Lauber, Anna; Poil, Simon-Shlomo; Brandeis, Daniel; Martin, Ernst; Michels, Lars; Hersberger, Martin; Suckling, John; Klaver, Peter; O'Gorman, Ruth L (2015). Effects of Steroid Hormones on Sex Differences in Cerebral Perfusion. PLoS ONE, 10(9):e0135827.

Ghisleni, Carmen; Bollmann, Steffen; Poil, Simon-Shlomo; Brandeis, Daniel; Martin, Ernst; Michels, Lars; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Klaver, Peter (2015). Subcortical glutamate mediates the reduction of short-range functional connectivity with age in a developmental cohort. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(22):8433-8441.

Bollmann, Steffen; Ghisleni, Carmen; Poil, Simon-Shlomo; Martin, Ernst; Ball, J; Eich-Höchli, D; Edden, R A E; Klaver, Peter; Michels, Lars; Brandeis, Daniel; O'Gorman, Ruth L (2015). Developmental changes in gamma-aminobutyric acid levels in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Translational Psychiatry, 5(6):e589.

Lustenberger, Caroline; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Pugin, Fiona; Tüshaus, Laura; Wehrle, Flavia; Achermann, Peter; Huber, Reto (2015). Sleep spindles are related to schizotypal personality traits and Thalamic Glutamine/Glutamate in healthy subjects. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 41(2):522-531.

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O'Gorman, Ruth L; Bucher, Hans U; Held, Ulrike; Koller, Brigitte M; Hüppi, Petra S; Hagmann, Cornelia F (2015). Tract-based spatial statistics to assess the neuroprotective effect of early erythropoietin on white matter development in preterm infants. Brain, 138(2):388-397.

Mullins, Paul G; McGonigle, David J; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Puts, Nicolaas A J; Vidyasagar, Rishma; Evans, C John; Edden, Richard A E (2014). Current practice in the use of MEGA-PRESS spectroscopy for the detection of GABA. NeuroImage, 86:43-52.

Michels, Lars; Schulte-Vels, Thomas; Schick, Matthis; O'Gorman, Ruth L; Zeffiro, Thomas; Hasler, Gregor; Mueller-Pfeiffer, Christoph (2014). Prefrontal GABA and glutathione imbalance in posttraumatic stress disorder: Preliminary findings. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, 224(3):288-295.

Egerton, Alice; Stone, James M; Chaddock, Christopher A; Barker, Gareth J; Bonoldi, Ilaria; Howard, Rachel M; Merritt, Kate; Allen, Paul; Howes, Oliver D; Murray, Robin M; McLean, Mary A; Lythgoe, David J; O'Gorman, Ruth L; McGuire, Philip K (2014). Relationship Between Brain Glutamate Levels and Clinical Outcome in Individuals at Ultra High Risk of Psychosis. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39(12):2891-2899.

O'Gorman, Ruth L; Poil, Simon-Shlomo; Brandeis, Daniel; Klaver, Peter; Bollmann, Steffen; Ghisleni, Carmen; Lüchinger, Rafael; Martin, Ernst; Shankaranarayanan, Ajit; Alsop, David C; Michels, Lars (2013). Coupling between resting cerebral perfusion and EEG. Brain Topography, 26(3):442-457.

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Michels, Lars; Martin, Ernst; Klaver, Peter; Edden, Richard; Zelaya, Fernando; Lythgoe, David J; Lüchinger, Rafael; Brandeis, Daniel; O'Gorman, Ruth L (2012). Frontal GABA levels change during working memory. PLoS ONE, 7(4):e31933.

O'Gorman, Ruth L. Quantitative perfusion measurement with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). 2011, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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