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Rufener, Katharina Simone; Zaehle, Tino; Oechslin, Mathias S; Meyer, Martin (2016). 40Hz-Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) selectively modulates speech perception. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 101:18-24.

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Rufener, Katharina Simone; Oechslin, Mathias S; Zaehle, Tino; Meyer, Martin (2016). Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) differentially modulates speech perception in young and older adults. Brain Stimulation, 9(4):560-565.

Hurschler, Martina A; Liem, Franziskus; Oechslin, Mathias S; Stämpfli, Philipp; Meyer, Martin (2015). fMRI reveals lateralized pattern of brain activity modulated by the metrics of stimuli during auditory rhyme processing. Brain and Language, 147:41-50.

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James, Clara E; Oechslin, Mathias S; Van De Ville, Dimitri; Hauert, Claude-Alain; Descloux, Céline; Lazeyras, François (2014). Musical training intensity yields opposite effects on grey matter density in cognitive versus sensorimotor networks. Brain Structure & Function, 219(1):353-366.

Oechslin, Mathias S; Van De Ville, Dimitri; Lazeyras, François; Hauert, Claude-Alain; James, Clara E (2013). Degree of musical expertise modulates higher order brain functioning. Cerebral Cortex, 23(9):2213-2224.

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Oechslin, Mathias S; Läge, Damian; Vitouch, Oliver (2012). Training of tonal similarity ratings in Non-Musicians: a “Rapid Learning” approach. Frontiers in Psychology:3:142.

Oechslin, Mathias S. The cerebral organization of absolute pitch within the framework of music and speech. 2011, University of Zurich, Faculty of Arts.

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