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Fiaschetti, G; Abela, L; Nonoguchi, N; Dubuc, A M; Remke, M; Boro, A; Grunder, E; Siler, U; Ohgaki, H; Taylor, M D; Baumgartner, M; Shalaby, T; Grotzer, M A (2014). Epigenetic silencing of miRNA-9 is associated with HES1 oncogenic activity and poor prognosis of medulloblastoma. British Journal of Cancer, 110(3):636-647.

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Fiaschetti, G; Castelletti, D; Zoller, S; Schramm, A; Schroeder, C; Nagaishi, M; Stearns, D; Mittelbronn, M; Eggert, A; Westermann, F; Ohgaki, H; Shalaby, T; Pruschy, M; Arcaro, A; Grotzer, M A (2011). Bone morphogenetic protein-7 is a MYC target with prosurvival functions in childhood medulloblastoma. Oncogene, 30(25):2823-2835.

Grunder, E; D'Ambrosio, R; Fiaschetti, G; Abela, L; Arcaro, A; Zuzak, T; Ohgaki, H; Lv, S Q; Shalaby, T; Grotzer, M (2011). MicroRNA-21 suppression impedes medulloblastoma cell migration. European Journal of Cancer, 47(16):2479-2490.

Kita, D; Ciernik, I F; Vaccarella, S; Franceschi, S; Kleihues, P; Lütolf, U M; Ohgaki, H (2009). Age as a predictive factor in glioblastomas: population-based study. Neuroepidemiology, 33(1):17-22.

Huang, J; Grotzer, M A; Watanabe, T; Hewer, E; Pietsch, T; Rutkowski, S; Ohgaki, H (2008). Mutations in the Nijmegen breakage syndrome gene in medulloblastomas. Clinical Cancer Research, 14(13):4053-4058.

Ohgaki, H; Dessen, P; Jourde, B; Horstmann, S; Nishikawa, T; Di Patre, P L; Burkhard, C; Schüler, D; Probst-Hensch, N M; Maiorka, P C; Baeza, N; Pisani, P; Yonekawa, Y; Yasargil, M G; Lütolf, U M; Kleihues, P (2004). Genetic pathways to glioblastoma: a population-based study. Cancer Research, 64(19):6892-6899.

Okamoto, Y; Di Patre, P L; Burkhard, C; Horstmann, S; Jourde, B; Fahey, M; Schüler, D; Probst-Hensch, N M; Yasargil, M G; Yonekawa, Y; Lütolf, U M; Kleihues, P; Ohgaki, H (2004). Population-based study on incidence, survival rates, and genetic alterations of low-grade diffuse astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas. Acta Neuropathologica, 108(1):49-56.

Wischhusen, J; Jung, G; Radovanovic, I; Beier, C; Steinbach, J P; Rimner, A; Huang, H; Schulz, J B; Ohgaki, H; Aguzzi, A; Rammensee, H G; Weller, M (2002). Identification of CD70-mediated apoptosis of immune effector cells as a novel immune escape pathway of human glioblastoma. Cancer Research, 62(9):2592-2599.

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