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Ekonomiuk, D; Su, X-C; Ozawa, K; Bodenreider, C; Lim, S P; Yin, Z; Keller, T H; Beer, D; Patel, V; Otting, G; Caflisch, A; Huang, D (2009). Discovery of a non-peptidic inhibitor of west nile virus NS3 protease by high-throughput docking. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 3(1):e356.

Bodenreider, C; Beer, D; Keller, T H; Sonntag, S; Wen, D; Yap, L; Yau, Y H; Shochat, S G; Huang, D; Zhou, T; Caflisch, A; Su, X C; Ozawa, K; Otting, G; Vasudevan, S G; Lescar, J; Lim, S P (2009). A fluorescence quenching assay to discriminate between specific and nonspecific inhibitors of dengue virus protease. Analytical Biochemistry, 395(2):195-204.

Ekonomiuk, D; Su, X C; Ozawa, K; Bodenreider, C; Lim, S P; Otting, G; Huang, D; Caflisch, A (2009). Flaviviral protease inhibitors identified by fragment-based library docking into a structure generated by molecular dynamics. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 52(15):4860-4868.

Su, X C; Ozawa, K; Yagi, H; Lim, S P; Wen, D; Ekonomiuk, D; Huang, D; Keller, T H; Sonntag, S; Caflisch, A; Vasudevan, S G; Otting, G (2009). NMR study of complexes between low molecular mass inhibitors and the West Nile virus NS2B-NS3 protease. FEBS Journal, 276(15):4244-4255.

Fraefel, C; Glauser, D; Heister, T; Ackermann, M (2008). Herpes simplex virus type 1. Adeno-associated virus hybrids as site-specific integrating vectors. In: Bertolotti, R; Ozawa, K. Autologous and cancer stem cell gene therapy. Singapore: World Scientific, 47-80.

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