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Kobold, Sebastian; Pantelyushin, Stanislav; Rataj, Felicitas; vom Berg, Johannes (2018). Rationale for Combining Bispecific T Cell Activating Antibodies With Checkpoint Blockade for Cancer Therapy. Frontiers in Oncology:8:285.

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Wohn, Christian; Ober-Blöbaum, Julia L; Haak, Stefan; Pantelyushin, Stanislav; Cheong, Cheolho; Zahner, Sonja P; Onderwater, Sabina; Kant, Marius; Weighardt, Heike; Holzmann, Bernhard; Reizis, Boris; Becher, Burkhard; Prens, Errol P; Clausen, Björn E (2013). Langerin(neg) conventional dendritic cells produce IL-23 to drive psoriatic plaque formation in mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(26):10723-10728.

Becher, Burkhard; Pantelyushin, Stanislav (2012). Hiding under the skin: Interleukin-17-producing γδ T cells go under the skin? Nature Medicine, 18(12):1748-1750.

Pantelyushin, Stanislav; Haak, Stefan; Ingold, Barbara; Kulig, Paulina; Heppner, Frank L; Navarini, Alexander A; Becher, Burkhard (2012). Rorγt+ innate lymphocytes and γδ T cells initiate psoriasiform plaque formation in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 122(6):2252-2256.

Pantelyushin, Stanislav. γδ T Cells and Innate Lymphocytes Initiate Psoriasis-like Inflammation in Mice. 2012, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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