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Werner, Andreas; Patti, Monica; Zinad, Hany S; Fearn, Amy; Laude, Alex; Forster, Ian (2016). Molecular determinants of transport function in zebrafish Slc34a Na-phosphate transporters. American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 311(6):R1213-R1222.

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Schlingmann, Karl P; Ruminska, Justyna; Kaufmann, Martin; Dursun, Ismail; Patti, Monica; Kranz, Birgitta; Pronicka, Ewa; Ciara, Elzbieta; Akcay, Teoman; Bulus, Derya; Cornelissen, Elisabeth A M; Gawlik, Aneta; Sikora, Przemysław; Patzer, Ludwig; Galiano, Matthias; Boyadzhiev, Veselin; Dumic, Miroslav; Vivante, Asaf; Kleta, Robert; Dekel, Benjamin; Levtchenko, Elena; Bindels, René J; Rust, Stephan; Forster, Ian C; Hernando, Nati; Jones, Glenville; Wagner, Carsten A; Konrad, Martin (2016). Autosomal-recessive mutations in SLC34A1 encoding sodium-phosphate cotransporter 2A cause idiopathic infantile hypercalcemia. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN), 27(2):604-614.

Fenollar-Ferrer, Cristina; Forster, Ian C; Patti, Monica; Knoepfel, Thomas; Werner, Andreas; Forrest, Lucy R (2015). Identification of the First Sodium Binding Site of the Phosphate Cotransporter NaPi-IIa (SLC34A1). Biophysical Journal, 108(10):2465-2480.

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Patti, Monica; Ghezzi, Chiara; Forster, Ian C (2013). Conferring electrogenicity to the electroneutral phosphate cotransporter NaPi-IIc (SLC34A3) reveals an internal cation release step. Pflügers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology, 465(9):1261-1279.

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Wang, Cheng; Li, Yulei; Shi, Lei; Ren, Jie; Patti, Monica; Wang, Tao; de Oliveira, João R M; Sobrido, María-Jesús; Quintáns, Beatriz; Baquero, Miguel; Cui, Xiaoniu; Zhang, Xiang-Yang; Wang, Lianqing; Xu, Haibo; Wang, Junhan; Yao, Jing; Dai, Xiaohua; Liu, Juan; Zhang, Lu; Ma, Hongying; Gao, Yong; Ma, Xixiang; Feng, Shenglei; Liu, Mugen; Wang, Qing K; Forster, Ian C; Zhang, Xue; Liu, Jing-Yu (2012). Mutations in SLC20A2 link familial idiopathic basal ganglia calcification with phosphate homeostasis. Nature Genetics, 44(3):254-256.

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