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Hopkins, Benjamin D; Pauli, Chantal; Xing, Du; Wang, Diana G; Li, Xiang; Wu, David; Amadiume, Solomon C; Goncalves, Marcus D; Hodakoski, Cindy; Lundquist, Mark R; Bareja, Rohan; Ma, Yan; Harris, Emily M; Sboner, Andrea; Beltran, Himisha; Rubin, Mark A; Mukherjee, Siddhartha; Cantley, Lewis C (2018). Suppression of insulin feedback enhances the efficacy of PI3K inhibitors. Nature, 560(7719):499-503.

Tanadini-Lang, Stephanie; Bogowicz, Marta; Veit-Haibach, Patrick; Huellner, Martin; Pauli, Chantal; Shukla, Vyoma; Guckenberger, Matthias; Riesterer, Oliver (2018). Exploratory Radiomics in Computed Tomography Perfusion of Prostate Cancer. Anticancer Research, 38(2):685-690.

Bakhoum, Samuel F; Ngo, Bryan; Laughney, Ashley M; Cavallo, Julie-Ann; Murphy, Charles J; Ly, Peter; Shah, Pragya; Sriram, Roshan K; Watkins, Thomas B K; Taunk, Neil K; Duran, Mercedes; Pauli, Chantal; et al (2018). Chromosomal instability drives metastasis through a cytosolic DNA response. Nature, 553(7689):467-472.

Goncalves, Marcus D; Hwang, Seo-Kyoung; Pauli, Chantal; Murphy, Charles J; Cheng, Zhe; Hopkins, Benjamin D; Wu, David; Loughran, Ryan M; Emerling, Brooke M; Zhang, Guoan; Fearon, Douglas T; Cantley, Lewis C (2018). Fenofibrate prevents skeletal muscle loss in mice with lung cancer. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115(4):E743-E752.

Ferrari, Matteo; Huellner, Martin; Pauli, Chantal; Seifert, Burkhardt; Danuser, Hansjörg; Veit-Haibach, Patrick; Mattei, Agostino (2017). Assessment of prostate cancer with integrated CT-perfusion using a sector-wise approach. Turkish Journal of Urology, 43(2):152-157.

O'Rourke, Kevin P; Loizou, Evangelia; Livshits, Geulah; Schatoff, Emma M; Baslan, Timour; Manchado, Eusebio; Simon, Janelle; Romesser, Paul B; Leach, Benjamin; Han, Teng; Pauli, Chantal; Beltran, Himisha; Rubin, Mark A; Dow, Lukas E; Lowe, Scott W (2017). Transplantation of engineered organoids enables rapid generation of metastatic mouse models of colorectal cancer. Nature Biotechnology, 35(6):1-8.

Pauli, Chantal; Hopkins, Benjamin D; Prandi, Davide; Shaw, Reid; Fedrizzi, Tarcisio; Sboner, Andrea; Sailer, Verena; Augello, Michael; Puca, Loredana; Rosati, Rachele; McNary, Terra J; Churakova, Yelena; Cheung, Cynthia; Triscott, Joanna; Pisapia, David; Rao, Rema; Mosquera, Juan Miguel; Robinson, Brian; Faltas, Bishoy M; Emerling, Brooke E; Gadi, Vijayakrishna K; Bernard, Brady; Elemento, Olivier; Beltran, Himisha; Demichelis, Francesca; Kemp, Christopher J; Grandori, Carla; Cantley, Lewis C; Rubin, Mark A (2017). Personalized In Vitro and In Vivo Cancer Models to Guide Precision Medicine. Cancer Discovery, 7(5):462-477.

Sailer, Verena; Pauli, Chantal; Merzier, Elyze C; Mosquera, Juan Miguel; Beltran, Himisha; Rubin, Mark A; Rao, Rema A (2017). On-site Cytology for Development of Patient-Derived Three-dimensional Organoid Cultures - A Pilot Study. Anticancer Research, 37(4):1569-1573.

Grogan, Shawn P; Pauli, Chantal; Lotz, Martin K; D'Lima, Darryl D (2017). Relevance of meniscal cell regional phenotype to tissue engineering. Connective Tissue Research, 58(3-4):259-270.

Mosquera, Juan-Miguel; Varma, Sonal; Pauli, Chantal; MacDonald, Theresa Y; Yashinskie, Jossie J; Varga, Zsuzsanna; Sboner, Andrea; Moch, Holger; Rubin, Mark A; Shin, Sandra J (2015). MAGI3–AKT3 fusion in breast cancer amended. Nature, 520(7547):E11-E12.

Robl, Bernhard; Pauli, Chantal; Botter, Sander Martijn; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata; Fuchs, Bruno (2015). Prognostic value of tumor suppressors in osteosarcoma before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy. BMC Cancer, 15:379.

Huellner, Martin W; Pauli, Chantal; Mattei, Agostino; Ross, Steffen; Diebold, Joachim; Vosbeck, Jürg; Allgayer, Bernhard; Strobel, Klaus; Veit-Haibach, Patrick (2014). Assessment of prostate cancer with dynamic contrast-enhanced computed tomography using an en bloc approach. Investigative Radiology, 49(9):571-578.

Huellner, Martin W; Mattei, Agostino; Ross, Steffen; Butea-Bocu, Marius; Vosbeck, Jürg; Pauli, Chantal; Diebold, Joachim; Seifert, Burkhardt; Strobel, Klaus; Veit-Haibach, Patrick (2014). Integrated CT-perfusion shows no meaningful correlation with PSA and pre-surgical Gleason score in patients with early prostate cancer. Clinical Imaging, 38(6):850-857.

Huellner, Martin W; Collen, Timothy D; Gut, Philipp; Winterhalder, Ralph; Pauli, Chantal; Diebold, Joachim; Seifert, Burkhardt; Strobel, Klaus; Veit-Haibach, Patrick (2014). Multiparametric PET/CT-perfusion does not add significant additional information for initial staging in lung cancer compared with standard PET/CT. EJNMMI Research, 4(1):6.

Pauli, Chantal; Fuchs, Bruno; Pfirrmann, Christian; Bridge, Julia A; Hofer, Silvia; Bode, Beata (2014). Response of an aggressive periosteal aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) of the radius to denosumab therapy. World Journal of Surgical Oncology, 12:17.

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