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Stoustrup, Peter; Resnick, Cory M; Pedersen, Thomas Klit; Abramowicz, Shelly; Michelotti, Ambra; Küseler, Annelise; Verna, Carlalberta; Kellenberger, Christian J; Berit Nordal, Ellen; Caserta, Giuliana; Jankovska, Iveta; Halbig, Josefine Mareile; Kristensen, Kasper Dahl; Arvidsson, Linda Z; Spiegel, Lynn; Stoll, Mathew L; Lerman, Melissa; Glerup, Mia; Defabianis, Patrizia; Frid, Paula; Alstergren, Per; Cron, Randy Q; Ringold, Sarah; Nørholt, Sven Erik; Peltomäki, Timo; Herlin, Troels; Peacock, Zachary S; Twilt, Marinka (2019). Standardizing Terminology and Assessment for Orofacial Conditions in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: International, Multidisciplinary Consensus-based Recommendations. Journal of Rheumatology, 46(5):518-522.

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Stoustrup, Peter; Twilt, Marinka; Spiegel, Lynn; Kristensen, Kasper Dahl; Koos, Bernd; Pedersen, Thomas Klit; Küseler, Annelise; Cron, Randy Q; Abramowicz, Shelly; Verna, Carlalberta; Peltomäki, Timo; Alstergren, Per; Petty, Ross; Ringold, Sarah; Nørholt, Sven Erik; Saurenmann, Rotraud K; Herlin, Troels; euroTMjoint Research Network (2017). Clinical Orofacial Examination in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: International Consensus-based Recommendations for Monitoring Patients in Clinical Practice and Research Studies. Journal of Rheumatology, 44(3):326-333.

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Signorelli, Luca; Patcas, Raphael; Peltomäki, Timo; Schätzle, Marc (2016). Radiation dose of cone-beam computed tomography compared to conventional radiographs in orthodontics. Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics = Fortschritte Der Kieferorthopädie, 77(1):9-15.

Al-Jadaa, Anas; de Abreu Stefanelli, Danielle; Attin, Thomas; Peltomäki, Timo; Heumann, Christian; Schmidlin, Patrick R (2016). Evaluation of a novel repetitive gas-enhanced permeation test for restoration leakage determination after thermo-mechanical loading. Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 74(3):202-209.

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Markic, Goran; Müller, Lukas; Patcas, Raphael; Roos, Malgorzata; Lochbühler, Nina; Peltomäki, Timo; Karlo, Christoph A; Ullrich, Oliver; Kellenberger, Christian J (2015). Assessing the length of the mandibular ramus and the condylar process: a comparison of OPG, CBCT, CT, MRI, and lateral cephalometric measurements. European Journal of Orthodontics, 37(1):13-21.

Al-Jadaa, Anas; Attin, Thomas; Peltomäki, Timo; Heumann, Christian; Schmidlin, Patrick Roger (2015). Impact of dynamic loading on the implant-abutment interface using a gas-enhanced permeation test in vitro. Open Dentistry Journal, 9:112-119.

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Beit, Philipp; Peltomäki, Timo; Schätzle, Marc; Signorelli, Luca; Patcas, Raphael (2013). Evaluating the agreement of skeletal age assessment based on hand-wrist and cervical vertebrae radiography. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 144(6):838-847.

Patcas, Raphael; Tausch, Dominika; Pandis, Nikolaos; Manestar, Mirjana; Ullrich, Oliver; Karlo, Christoph A; Peltomäki, Timo; Kellenberger, Christian J (2013). Illusions of fusions: Assessing cervical vertebral fusion on lateral cephalograms, multidetector computed tomographs, and cone-beam computed tomographs. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 143(2):213-220.

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Teittinen, Marjut; Tuovinen, Veikko; Tammela, Leena; Schätzle, Marc; Peltomäki, Timo (2012). Long-term stability of anterior open bite closure corrected by surgical-orthodontic treatment. European Journal of Orthodontics, 34(2):238-243.

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