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Wong, W W; Boutros, P C; Wasylishen, A R; Guckert, K D; O'Brien, E M; Griffiths, R; Martirosyan, A R; Bros, C; Jurisica, I; Langler, R F; Penn, L Z (2010). Characterization of the apoptotic response of human leukemia cells to organosulfur compounds. BMC Cancer, 10:351.

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Wong, W W L; Dimitroulakos, J; Minden, M D; Penn, L Z (2002). HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors and the malignant cell: the statin family of drugs as triggers of tumor-specific apoptosis. Leukemia, 16(4):508-519.

Xia, Z; Tan, M M; Wong, W Wei-Lynn; Dimitroulakos, J; Minden, M D; Penn, L Z (2001). Blocking protein geranylgeranylation is essential for lovastatin-induced apoptosis of human acute myeloid leukemia cells. Leukemia, 15(9):1398-1407.

Wong, W Wei-Lynn; Tan, M M; Xia, Z; Dimitroualakos, J; Minden, M; Penn, L Z (2001). Cerivastatin triggers tumor-specific apoptosis with higher efficacy than lovastatin. Clinical Cancer Research, 7(7):2067-2075.

Wong, W W L; Macdonald, S; Langler, R F; Penn, L Z (2000). Novel synthetic organosulfur compounds induce apoptosis of human leukemic cells. Anticancer Research, 20(3a):1367-1374.

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