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Mossoun, A; Calvignac-Spencer, S; Anoh, A E; Pauly, M S; Driscoll, D A; Michel, A O; Grah Nazaire, L; Pfister, S; Sabwe, P; Thiesen, U; Vogler, Barbara; Wiersma, L; Muyembe-Tamfum, J J; Karhemere, S; Akoua-Koffi, C; Couacy-Hymann, E; Fruth, B; Wittig, R; Leendertz, F; Schubert, G (2017). Bushmeat hunting and zoonotic transmission of Simian T-lymphotropic virus 1 in tropical West and Central Africa. Journal of Virology, 91(10):e02479-16.

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Koelsche, C; Sahm, F; Capper, D; Reuss, D; Sturm, D; Jones, D T W; Kool, M; Northcott, P A; Wiestler, B; Böhmer, K; Meyer, J; Mawrin, C; Hartmann, C; Mittelbronn, M; Platten, M; Brokinkel, B; Seiz, M; Herold-Mende, C; Unterberg, A; Schittenhelm, J; Weller, M; Pfister, S; Wick, W; Korshunov, A; von Deimling, A (2013). Distribution of TERT promoter mutations in pediatric and adult tumors of the nervous system. Acta Neuropathologica, 126(6):907-915.

Schüpbach, J; Bisset, L R; Gebhardt, M D; Regenass, S; Bürgisser, P; Gorgievski, M; Klimkait, T; Andreutti, C; Martinetti, G; Niederhauser, C; Yerly, S; Pfister, S; Schultze, D; Brandenberger, M; Schöni-Affolter, F; Scherrer, A U; Gunthard, H F (2012). Diagnostic performance of line-immunoassay based algorithms for incident HIV-1 infection. BMC Infectious Diseases, 12(88):1471-2334.

Zubler, F; Hauri, A; Pfister, S; Whatley, A M; Cook, M; Douglas, R J (2011). An instruction language for self-construction in the context of neural networks. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience:5:57.

Kuhn, M; Pfister, S; Vontobel, I; Willi, C; De Sabbata, S; Cöltekin, Arzu (2011). TIMELINE: A tool for the video analysis and visualization of geographic phenomena over time. In: 25th International Cartographic Conference, Paris, FR, 3 July 2011 - 8 July 2011, CO-451.

Cöltekin, Arzu; De Sabbata, S; Willi, C; Vontobel, I; Pfister, S; Kuhn, M; Lacayo, M (2011). Modifiable temporal unit problem. In: Persistent problems in geographic visualization; ICC2011 Workshop, Paris, FR, 2 July 2011 - 2 July 2011.

Pilaz, L J; Patti, D; Marcy, G; Ollier, E; Pfister, S; Douglas, R J; Betizeau, M; Cortay, V; Doerflinger, N; Kennedy, H; Dehay, C (2009). Forced G1-phase reduction alters mode of division, neuron number, and laminar phenotype in the cerebral cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 106(51):21924-21929.

Pfister, S; Remke, M; Benner, A; Mendrzyk, F; Toedt, G; Felsberg, J; Wittmann, A; Devens, F; Gerber, N U; Joos, S; Kulozik, A; Reifenberger, G; Rutkowski, S; Wiestler, O D; Radlwimmer, B; Scheurlen, W; Lichter, P; Korshunov, A (2009). Outcome prediction in pediatric medulloblastoma based on DNA copy-number aberrations of chromosomes 6q and 17q and the MYC and MYCN loci. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 27(10):1627-1636.

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