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Dubois, Y; Pichon, C; Welker, C; Le Borgne, D; Devriendt, J; Laigle, C; Codis, S; Pogosyan, D; Arnouts, S; Benabed, K; Bertin, E; Blaizot, J; Bouchet, F; Cardoso, J F; Colombi, S; de Lapparent, V; Desjacques, V; Gavazzi, R; Kassin, S; Kimm, T; McCracken, H; Milliard, B; Peirani, S; Prunet, S; Rouberol, S; Silk, J; Slyz, A; Sousbie, T; Teyssier, R; Tresse, L; Treyer, M; Vibert, D; Volonteri, M (2014). Dancing in the dark: galactic properties trace spin swings along the cosmic web. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 444(2):1453-1468.

Gay, C; Pichon, C; Le Borgne, D; Teyssier, R; Sousbie, T; Devriendt, J (2010). On the filamentary environment of galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 404(4):1801-1816.

Devriendt, J; Rimes, C; Pichon, C; Teyssier, R; Le Borgne, D; Aubert, D; Audit, E; Colombi, S; Courty, S; Dubois, Y; Prunet, S; Rasera, Y; Slyz, A; Tweed, D (2010). The dusty, albeit ultraviolet bright, infancy of galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 403(1):L84-L88.

Pichon, C; ThiƩbaut, E; Prunet, S; Benabed, K; Colombi, S; Sousbie, T; Teyssier, R (2010). ASKI: full-sky lensing map-making algorithms. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 401(2):705-726.

Devriendt, J; Slyz, A; Powell, L; Pichon, C; Teyssier, R (2009). Modeling high-redshift galaxies: what can we learn from high and ultra-high resolution hydrodynamical simulations? Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, 262:248-256.

Dekel, A; Birnboim, Y; Engel, G; Freundlich, J; Goerdt, T; Mumcuoglu, M; Neistein, E; Pichon, C; Teyssier, R; Zinger, E (2009). Cold streams in early massive hot haloes as the main mode of galaxy formation. Nature, 457(7228):451-454.

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