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Pinzer, B R; Cacquevel, M; Modregger, P; Thuering, T; Stampanoni, M (2013). Differential X-ray phase contrast tomography of Alzheimer plaques in mouse models: perspectives for drug development and clinical imaging techniques. Journal of Instrumentation, 8(5):C05005.

Beheshti, A; Pinzer, B R; McDonald, J T; Stampanoni, M; Hlatky, L (2013). Early tumor development captured through nondestructive, high resolution differential phase contrast X-ray imaging. Radiation research, 180(5):448-454.

Pinzer, B R; Medebach, A; Limbach, H J; Dubois, C; Stampanoni, M; Schneebeli, M (2012). 3D-characterization of three-phase systems using X-ray tomography: tracking the microstructural evolution in ice cream. Soft Matter, 8(17):4584.

Pinzer, B R; Cacquevel, M; Modregger, P; McDonald, S A; Bensadoun, J C; Thuering, T; Aebischer, P; Stampanoni, M (2012). Imaging brain amyloid deposition using grating-based differential phase contrast tomography. NeuroImage, 61(4):1336-1346.

Thüring, T; Modregger, P; Pinzer, B R; Wang, Z; Stampanoni, M (2011). Non-linear regularized phase retrieval for unidirectional X-ray differential phase contrast radiography. Optics Express, 19(25):25545-25548.

Modregger, P; Pinzer, B R; Thüring, T; Rutishauser, S; David, C; Stampanoni, M (2011). Sensitivity of X-ray grating interferometry. Optics Express, 19(19):18324-18338.

Marone, F; Mokso, R; Fife, J L; Irvine, S; Modregger, P; Pinzer, B R; Mader, K; Isenegger, A; Mikuljan, G; Stampanoni, M (2011). Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy at the Swiss light source for industrial applications. Synchrotron Radiation News, 24(6):24-29.

Thüring, T; Modregger, P; Pinzer, B R; Wang, Z; Rutishauser, S; David, C; Grund, T; Kenntner, J; Stampanoni, M (2010). Towards x-ray differential phase contrast imaging on a compact setup. In: 10th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy, Chicago, Illinois, (USA), 15 August 2010 - 20 August 2010, 79611G.

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