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Mulder, V L; Plötze, M; de Bruin, S; Schaepman, Michael E; Mavris, C; Kokaly, R F; Egli, M (2013). Quantifying mineral abundances of complex mixtures by coupling spectral deconvolution of SWIR spectra (2.1–2.4 μm) and regression tree analysis. Geoderma, 207-208:279-290.

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Frey, Beat; Rieder, S R; Brunner, I; Plötze, M; Koetzsch, S; Lapanje, A; Brandl, H; Furrer, G (2010). Weathering-associated bacteria from the Damma glacier forefield: Physiological capabilities and impact on granite dissolution. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 76(14):4788-4796.

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Zanelli, R; Egli, Markus; Mirabella, A; Abdelmoula, M; Plötze, M; Nötzli, M (2006). 'Black' soils in the southern Alps: clay mineral formation and transformation, X-ray amorphous Al phases and Fe forms. Clays and Clay Minerals, 54(6):703-720.

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