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Arthur, R; Rohrmann, Sabine; Møller, H; Selvin, E; Dobs, A S; Kanarek, N; Nelson, W; Platz, E A; Van Hemelrijck, M (2017). Pre-diabetes and serum sex steroid hormones among US men. Andrology, 5(1):49-57.

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Rohrmann, S; Shiels, M S; Lopez, D S; Rifai, N; Nelson, W G; Kanarek, N; Guallar, E; Menke, A; Joshu, C E; Feinleib, M; Sutcliffe, S; Platz, E A (2011). Body fatness and sex steroid hormone concentrations in US men: results from NHANES III. Cancer Causes & Control, 22(8):1141-1151.

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Rohrmann, S; Platz, E A; Selvin, E; Shiels, M S; Joshu, C E; Menke, A; Feinleib, M; Basaria, S; Rifai, N; Dobs, A S; Kanarek, N; Nelson, W G (2011). The prevalence of low sex steroid hormone concentrations in men in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Clinical Endocrinology, 75(2):232-239.

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