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Pohl, M O; Recum-Knepper, von, Jessica; Rodriguez-Frandsen, Ariel; Lanz, Caroline; Yangüez, Emilio; Soonthornvacharin, Stephen; Wolff, Thorsten; Chanda, Sumit K; Stertz, Silke (2017). Identification of Polo-like kinases as potential novel drug targets for influenza A virus. Scientific Reports, 7(1):8629.

Pohl, M O; Lanz, C; Stertz, S (2016). Late stages of the influenza A virus replication cycle — a tight interplay between virus and host. Journal of General Virology, 97(9):2058 -2072.

Tripathi, S; Pohl, M O; Zhou, Y; Rodriguez-Frandsen, A; Wang, G; Stein, D A; Moulton, H M; Che, J; Mulder, L C F; Yangüez, E; Andenmatten, D; Pache, L; Manicassamy, B; Albrecht, R A; Gonzalez, M G; Nguyen, Quy; Brass, A; Elledge, S; White, M; Shapira, S; Hacohen, N; Karlas, A; Meyer, T; Shales, M; Gatorano, A; Johnson, J R; Jang, G; Johnson, T; Verschueren, E; Sanders, D; Krogan, N; Shaw, M; König, R; Stertz, S; García-Sastre, A; Chanda, S K; DeJesus, P (2015). Meta- and orthogonal integration of influenza "OMICs" data defines a role for UBR4 in virus budding. Cell Host & Microbe, 18(6):723-735.

Edinger, T O; Pohl, M O; Yangüez, E; Stertz, S (2015). Cathepsin W is required for escape of influenza a virus from late endosomes. mBio, 6(3):e00297-15.

Pohl, M O; Stertz, S (2015). Measuring attachment and internalization of influenza a virus in A549 cells by flow cytometry. Journal of Visualized Experiments (Jove), (105):e53372.

Pohl, M O; Edinger, T O; Stertz, S (2014). Prolidase is required for early trafficking events during influenza a virus entry. Journal of Virology, 88(19):11271-11283.

Edinger, T O; Pohl, M O; Stertz, S (2013). Entry of influenza A virus: host factors and antiviral targets. Journal of General Virology, 95:263-277.

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