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Polkinghorne, A; Borel, Nicole; Heijne, M; Pannekoek, Y (2019). New evidence for domesticated animals as reservoirs of Chlamydia-associated community-acquired pneumonia. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 25(2):131-132.

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Polkinghorne, A; Ziegler, U; González-Hernández, Y; Pospischil, A; Timms, P; Vaughan, L (2008). Chlamydophila pneumoniae HflX belongs to an uncharacterized family of conserved GTPases and associates with the Escherichia coli 50S large ribosomal subunit. Microbiology, 154(11):3537-3546.

Wirz, M; Polkinghorne, A; Dumrese, C; Ziegler, U; Greub, G; Pospischil, A; Vaughan, L (2008). Predator or prey? Chlamydophila abortus infections of a free-living amoebae, Acanthamoeba castellani 9GU. Microbes and Infection, 10(6):591-597.

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Soldati, G; Lu, Z H; Vaughan, L; Polkinghorne, A; Zimmermann, D R; Huder, J B; Pospischil, A (2004). Detection of mycobacteria and chlamydiae in granulomatous inflammation of reptiles: a retrospective study. Veterinary Pathology, 41(4):388-397.

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