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Oberfeld, B; Ruffieux-Daidié, D; Vitagliano, J J; Pos, K M; Verrey, F; Staub, O (2011). Ubiquitin-specific protease 2-45 (Usp2-45) binds to epithelial Na+ channel(ENaC)ubiquitylating enzyme Nedd4-2. American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology, 301(1):F189-F196.

Seeger, M A; von Ballmoos, C; Verrey, F; Pos, K M (2009). Crucial role of Asp408 in the proton translocation pathway of multidrug transporter AcrB: evidence from site-directed mutagenesis and carbodiimide labeling. Biochemistry, 48(25):5801-5812.

Camargo, S M R; Singer, D; Makrides, V; Huggel, K; Pos, K M; Wagner, C A; Kuba, K; Danilczyk, U; Skovby, F; Kleta, R; Penninger, J M; Verrey, F (2009). Tissue-specific amino acid transporter partners ACE2 and collectrin differentially interact with hartnup mutations. Gastroenterology, 136(3):872-882.e3.

Seeger, M A; Diederichs, K; Eicher, T; Brandstätter, L; Schiefner, A; Verrey, F; Pos, K M (2008). The AcrB efflux pump: conformational cycling and peristalsis lead to multidrug resistance. Current Drug Targets, 9(9):729-749.

Seeger, M A; von Ballmoos, C; Eicher, T; Brandstätter, L; Verrey, F; Diederichs, K; Pos, K M (2008). Engineered disulfide bonds support the functional rotation mechanism of multidrug efflux pump AcrB. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 15(2):199-205.

Gauntlett, J C; Gebhard, S; Keis, S; Manson, J M; Pos, K M; Cook, G M (2008). Molecular analysis of BcrR, a membrane-bound bacitracin sensor and DNA-binding protein from Enterococcus faecalis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(13):8591-8600.

Bohnert, J A; Schuster, S; Seeger, M A; Fähnrich, E; Pos, K M; Kern, W V (2008). Site-directed mutagenesis reveals putative substrate binding residues in the escherichia coli RND efflux pump AcrB. Journal of Bacteriology, 190(24):8225-8229.

Pos, K M. Structural and functional studies on AcrB, a bacterial multidrug efflux pump and homologue of human Niemann-Pick type C and Patched transporters. 2008, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Ramadan, T; Camargo, S M R; Herzog, B; Bordin, M; Pos, K M; Verrey, F (2007). Recycling of aromatic amino acids via TAT1 allows efflux of neutral amino acids via LAT2-4F2hc exchanger. Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology (Pflugers Archiv), 454(3):507-516.

Furrer, E M; Ronchetti, M F; Verrey, F; Pos, K M (2007). Functional characterization of a NapA Na(+)/H(+) antiporter from Thermus thermophilus. FEBS Letters, 581(3):572-578.

Röthlisberger, D; Pos, K M; Plückthun, A (2004). An antibody library for stabilizing and crystallizing membrane proteins - selecting binders to the citrate carrier CitS. FEBS Letters, 564(3):340-348.

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