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Ježo, Tomáš; Lindert, Jonas M; Moretti, Niccolo; Pozzorini, Stefano (2018). New NLOPS predictions for $t\overline{t}+b-jet$ production at the LHC. European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 78(6):502.

Zoller, Max; Buccioni, Federico; Lang, Jean-Nicolas; Pozzorini, Stefano; Zhang, Hantian (2018). On-the-fly reduction of open loops. In: Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory (LL2018), St. Goar, Germany, 29 April 2018 - 4 May 2018.

Zoller, Max; Buccioni, Federico; Pozzorini, Stefano (2017). A new method for one-loop amplitude generation and reduction in Openloops. In: 13th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections, St. Gilgen, Austria, 25 September 2017 - 29 September 2017.

Grazzini, Massimiliano; Kallweit, Stefan; Pozzorini, Stefano; Rathlev, Dirk; Wiesemann, Marius (2016). $W^+W^-$ production at the LHC: fiducial cross sections and distributions in NNLO QCD. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016(8):140.

Ježo, Tomáš; Lindert, Jonas M; Nason, Paolo; Oleari, Carlo; Pozzorini, Stefano (2016). An NLO+PS generator for tt ̄ and W t production and decay including non-resonant and interference effects. European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 76(12):691.

Moretti, Niccolo; Petrov, Petar; Pozzorini, Stefano; Spannowsky, Michael (2016). Measuring the signal strength in $t\bar{t}H$ with $H \to b\bar{b}$. Physical review. D, 93:014019.

Nejad, Bijan Chokoufé; Kilian, Wolfgang; Lindert, Jonas M; Pozzorini, Stefano; Reuter, Jürgen; Weiss, Christian (2016). NLO QCD predictions for off-shell tt¯ and tt¯H production and decay at a linear collider. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016(12):1-43.

Hoeche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Maierhoefer, Philipp; Pozzorini, Stefano; Schonherr, Marek; Siegert, Frank (2015). Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for top-quark pair production with up to two jets merged with a parton shower. Physics Letters B, 748:74-78.

Cascioli, Fabio; Kallweit, Stefan; Maierhöfer, Philipp; Pozzorini, Stefano (2014). A unified NLO description of top-pair and associated Wt production. European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 74(3):2783.

Kallweit, Stefan; Lindert, Jonas M; Maierhoefer, Philipp; Pozzorini, Stefano; Schoenherr, Marek (2014). NLO electroweak automation and precise predictions for W+multijet production at the LHC. Journal of High Energy Physics, 04:012.

Cascioli, Fabio; Maierhoefer, Philipp; Moretti, Niccolo; Pozzorini, Stefano; Siegert, Frank (2014). NLO matching for t ̄tbb ̄ production with massive b-quarks. Physics Letters B, 734:210-214.

Abelof, Gabriel; Gehrmann-De Ridder, Aude; Maierhoefer, Philipp; Pozzorini, Stefano (2014). NNLO QCD subtraction for top-antitop production in the $q\bar{q}$ channel. Journal of High Energy Physics:035.

Höche, Stefan; Krauss, Frank; Schönherr, Marek; Thompson, Jennifer M; Pozzorini, Stefano; Zapp, Korinna C (2014). Triple vector boson production through Higgs-strahlung with NLO multijet merging. Physical Review D (Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology), 89(9):093015.

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