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Stump, Reto; Dobrev, Ivo; Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Probst, Rudolf; Röösli, Christof (2018). In-vivo assessment of osseous versus non-osseous transmission pathways of vibratory stimuli applied to the bone and the dura in humans. Hearing Research, 370:40-52.

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Morand, Grégoire B; Fellmann, Jonas; Laske, Roman D; Weisert, Jan U; Soltermann, Alex; Zbinden, Reinhard; Probst, Rudolf; Huber, Gerhard F (2016). Detection of Helicobacter pylori in head and neck cancer patients: Results from a prospective comparative study combining serology, PCR, and rapid urease test. Head and Neck, 38(5):769-774.

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Pézier, Thomas F; Kastrinidis, Nikos; Widmer, Gian-Marco; Huber, Gerhard F; Probst, Rudolf (2014). Fatally invasive actinomycosis masquerading as a tonsillar carcinoma. Head and Neck, 36(12):E129-30.

Fellmann, Jonas; Weisert, Jan U; Soltermann, Alex; Morand, Grégoire; Morra, Laura; Moch, Holger; Huber, Gerhard F; Probst, Rudolf (2014). Helicobacter pylori detected in pharyngeal and laryngeal pathologies in patients with proven gastric colonization. Head and Neck, 36(11):1562-1566.

Vital, Domenic; Huber, Gerhard F; Pézier, Thomas F; Rössle, Matthias; Probst, Rudolf; Widmer, Gian-Marco (2014). Epithelial cyst in the posterior triangle of the neck: atypical branchial cyst or cystic lymph node metastasis? Case Reports in Otolaryngology, 2014:912347.

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