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Manfredi, Mirella; Proverbio, Alice Mado; Gonçalves Donate, Ana Paula; Macarini Gonçalves Vieira, Sofia; Comfort, William Edgar; De Araújo Andreoli, Mariana; Boggio, Paulo Sérgio (2017). tDCS application over the STG improves the ability to recognize and appreciate elements involved in humor processing. Experimental Brain Research, 235(6):1843-1852.

Adorni, Roberta; Manfredi, Mirella; Proverbio, Alice Mado (2014). Electro-cortical manifestations of common vs. proper name processing during reading. Brain and Language, 135:1-8.

Manfredi, Mirella; Adorni, Roberta; Proverbio, Alice Mado; Proverbio, Alice (2014). Why do we laugh at misfortunes? An electrophysiological exploration of comic situation processing. Neuropsychologia, 61:324-34.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Calbi, Marta; Manfredi, Mirella; Zani, Alberto (2014). Audio-visuomotor processing in the musician's brain: an ERP study on professional violinists and clarinetists. Scientific Reports, 4:5866.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Calbi, Marta; Manfredi, Mirella; Zani, Alberto (2014). Comprehending body language and mimics: an ERP and neuroimaging study on Italian actors and viewers. PLoS ONE, 9(3):e91294.

Adorni, Roberta; Manfredi, Mirella; Proverbio, Alice Mado (2013). Congenital unilateral deafness affects cerebral organization of reading. Brain Sciences, 3(2):908-22.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Manfredi, Mirella; Zani, Alberto; Adorni, Roberta (2013). Musical expertise affects neural bases of letter recognition. Neuropsychologia, 51(3):538-549.

Adorni, Roberta; Manfredi, Mirella; Proverbio, Alice Mado (2013). Since when or how often? Dissociating the roles of age of acquisition (AoA) and lexical frequency in early visual word processing. Brain and Language, 124(1):132-41.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Mazzara, Roberta; Riva, Federica; Manfredi, Mirella (2012). Sex differences in callosal transfer and hemispheric specialization for face coding. Neuropsychologia, 50(9):2325-32.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Crotti, Nicola; Manfredi, Mirella; Adorni, Roberta; Zani, Alberto (2012). Who needs a referee? How incorrect basketball actions are automatically detected by basketball players' brain. Scientific Reports, 2:883.

Proverbio, Alice Mado; Gabriele, Valeria De; Manfredi, Mirella; Adorni, Roberta (2011). No Race Effect (ORE) in the Automatic Orienting toward Baby Faces: When Ethnic Group does not matter. Psychology, 02(09):931-935.

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