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Grischott, Thomas; Falcato, Luis; Senn, Oliver; Puhan, Milo Alan; Bruggmann, Philip (2019). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) among opioid dependent patients in agonist treatment. A diagnostic study. Addiction, 114(5):868-876.

Ziegler, Sarah; Schmid, Margareta; Bopp, Matthias; Bosshard, Georg; Puhan, Milo Alan (2019). Using sedative substances until death: A mortality follow-back study on the role of healthcare settings. Palliative Medicine, 33(2):213-220.

Tinschert, Peter; Rassouli, Frank; Barata, Filipe; Steurer-Stey, Claudia; Fleisch, Elgar; Puhan, Milo Alan; Brutsche, Martin; Kowatsch, Tobias (2019). Prevalence of nocturnal cough in asthma and its potential as a marker for asthma control (MAC) in combination with sleep quality: protocol of a smartphone-based, multicentre, longitudinal observational study with two stages. BMJ Open, 9:e026323.

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Steinemann, Nina; Kuhle, Jens; Calabrese, Pasquale; Kesselring, Jürg; Disanto, Giulio; Merkler, Doron; Pot, Caroline; Ajdacic-Gross, Vladeta; Rodgers, Stephanie; Puhan, Milo Alan; von Wyl, Viktor (2018). The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Registry (SMSR): study protocol of a participatory, nationwide registry to promote epidemiological and patient-centered MS research. BMC Neurology, 18(1):111.

Nittas, Vasileios; Mütsch, Margot; Ehrler, Frederic; Puhan, Milo Alan (2018). Electronic patient-generated health data to facilitate prevention and health promotion: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open, 8(8):e021245.

Ziegler, Sarah; Schmid, Margareta; Bopp, Matthias; Bosshard, Georg; Puhan, Milo Alan (2018). Continuous Deep Sedation Until Death - a Swiss Death Certificate Study. Journal of general internal medicine, 33(7):1052-1059.

Sezgin, E; Van Natta, M L; Thorne, J E; Puhan, Milo Alan; Jabs, D A (2018). Secular trends in opportunistic infections, cancers and mortality in patients with AIDS during the era of modern combination antiretroviral therapy. HIV Medicine, 19(6):411-419.

Barin, Laura; Vaney, Claude; Puhan, Milo Alan; von Wyl, Viktor (2018). Recommended outcome measures for inpatient rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis are not appropriate for the patients with substantially impaired mobility. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 22:108-114.

Adams, Mark; Bassler, Dirk; Bucher, Hans Ulrich; Roth-Kleiner, Matthias; Berger, Thomas M; Braun, Julia; Puhan, Milo Alan; Edwards, Erika; Soll, Roger; Von Wyl, Viktor; Swiss Neonatal Network; Vermont Oxford Network (2018). Variability of Very Low Birth Weight Infant Outcome and Practice in Swiss and US Neonatal Units. Pediatrics, 141(5):e20173436.

Pneumologische Rehabilitation : Das Lehr- und Lernbuch für das Reha-Team der D-A-CH-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pneumologische Rehabilitation. Edited by: Schultz, Konrad; Buhr-Schinner, Heike; Vonbank, Karin; Zwick, Ralph H; Frey, Martin; Puhan, Milo Alan (2018). Deisenhofen bei München: Dustri-Verlag Dr. Karl Fe.

Clavien, Pierre-Alain; Vetter, Diana; Staiger, Roxane D; Slankamenac, Ksenija; Mehra, Tarun; Graf, Rolf; Puhan, Milo Alan (2017). The Comprehensive Complication Index (CCI®): Added Value and Clinical Perspectives 3 Years "Down the Line". Annals of Surgery, 265(6):1045-1050.

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Gerhardus, Ansgar; Becher, Heiko; Groenewegen, Peter; Mansmann, Ulrich; Meyer, Thorsten; Pfaff, Holger; Puhan, Milo Alan; Razum, Oliver; Rehfuess, Eva; Sauerborn, Rainer; Strech, Daniel; Wissing, Frank; Zeeb, Hajo; Hummers-Pradier, Eva (2016). Applying for, reviewing and funding public health research in Germany and beyond. Health Research Policy and Systems, 14(1):43.

Mouton Dorey, Corine; Puhan, Milo Alan; Biller-Andorno, Nikola (2016). Impact of new health care policies on the quality of acute myocardial infarction treatment in Swiss hospitals: A before and after observational study. Journal of Hospital Administration, 5(3):10-18.

Puhan, Milo Alan. Das Sondersiechenhaus auf der Steig bei Schaffhausen. 2002, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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