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Güsewell, Sabine; Floris, Joël; Berlin, Claudia; Zwahlen, Marcel; Rühli, Frank; Bender, Nicole; Staub, Kaspar (2019). Spatial Association of Food Sales in Supermarkets with the Mean BMI of Young Men: An Ecological Study. Nutrients, 11(3):579.

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Chekalin, Evgeny; Rubanovich, Alexandr; Tatarinova, Tatiana V; Kasianov, Artem; Bender, Nicole; Chekalina, Marina; Staub, Kaspar; Koepke, Nikola; Rühli, Frank; Bruskin, Sergey; Morozova, Irina (2019). Changes in biological pathways during 6,000 years of civilization in Europe. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 36(1):127-140.

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van Schaik, Katherine; Eisenberg, Ronald; Bekvalac, Jelena; Rühli, Frank (2018). Evaluating the relationship between lesion burden and aging among the skeletons of an 18th-19th century London cemetery using osteological and radiological analysis. PLoS ONE, 13(4):e0196448.

Galassi, Francesco M; Henneberg, Maciej; de Herder, Wouter; Rühli, Frank; Habicht, Michael E (2017). Oldest case of gigantism? Assessment of the alleged remains of Sa-Nakht, king of ancient Egypt. The Lancet. Diabetes & Endocrinology, 5(8):580-581.

Bouwman, Abigail; Shved, Natallia; Akgül, Gülfirde; Rühli, Frank; Warinner, Christina (2017). Ancient DNA investigation of a medieval german cemetery confirms long-term stability of CCR5-Δ32 allele frequencies in Central Europe. Human Biology; An International Record of Research, 89(2):119-124.

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