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Amrein, Irmgard; Nosswitz, Michael; Slomianka, Lutz; van Dijk, R Maarten; Engler, Stefanie; Klaus, Fabienne; Raineteau, Olivier; Azim, Kasum (2015). Septo-temporal distribution and lineage progression of hippocampal neurogenesis in a primate (Callithrix jacchus) in comparison to mice. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy:9:85.

Ster, Jeanne; Steuble, Martin; Orlando, Clara; Diep, Tu-My; Akhmedov, Alexander; Raineteau, Olivier; Pernet, Vincent; Sonderegger, Peter; Gerber, Urs (2014). Calsyntenin-1 regulates targeting of dendritic NMDA receptors and dendritic spine maturation in CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells during postnatal development. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(26):8716-8727.

Azim, Kasum; Fischer, Bruno; Hurtado-Chong, Anahi; Draganova, Kalina; Cant├╣, Claudio; Zemke, Martina; Sommer, Lukas; Butt, Arthur; Raineteau, Olivier (2014). Persistent Wnt/╬▓-catenin signaling determines dorsalization of the postnatal subventricular zone and neural stem cell specification into oligodendrocytes and glutamatergic neurons. Stem Cells, 32(5):1301-1312.

Azim, Kasum; Zweifel, Stefan; Klaus, Fabienne; Yoshikawa, Kazuaki; Amrein, Irmgard; Raineteau, Olivier (2013). Early decline in progenitor diversity in the marmoset lateral ventricle. Cerebral Cortex, 23(4):922-931.

Azim, Kasum; Fiorelli, Roberto; Zweifel, Stefan; Hurtado-Chong, Anahi; Yoshikawa, Kazuaki; Slomianka, Lutz; Raineteau, Olivier (2012). 3-dimensional examination of the adult mouse subventricular zone reveals lineage-specific microdomains. PLoS ONE, 7(11):e49087.

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