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Randazzo, Marco. Risk-adapted PSA-Screening for smart prostate cancer detection. 2018, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Mortezavi, Ashkan; Salemi, Souzan; Rupp, Niels J; Rüschoff, Jan Hendrik; Hermanns, Thomas; Poyet, Cedric; Randazzo, Marco; Simon, Hans-Uwe; Moch, Holger; Sulser, Tullio; Wild, Peter; Eberli, Daniel (2017). Negative LC3b immunoreactivity in cancer cells is an independent prognostic predictor of prostate cancer specific death. OncoTarget, 8(19):31765-31774.

Mortezavi, Ashkan; Keller, Etienne Xavier; Poyet, Cédric; Hermanns, Thomas; Saba, Karim; Randazzo, Marco; Fankhauser, Christian Daniel; Wild, Peter J; Moch, Holger; Sulser, Tullio; Eberli, Daniel (2016). Clinical impact of prostate biopsy undergrading in an academic and community setting. World Journal of Urology, 34(10):1481-1490.

Randazzo, Marco; Müller, Alexander; Carlsson, Sigrid; Eberli, Daniel; Huber, Andreas; Grobholz, Rainer; Manka, Lukas; Mortezavi, Ashkan; Sulser, Tullio; Recker, Franz; Kwiatkowski, Maciej (2016). A positive family history as risk factor for prostate cancer in a population-based study with organized PSA-screening: results of the Swiss ERSPC (Aarau). BJU International, 117(4):576-583.

Auvinen, Anssi; Moss, Sue M; Tammela, Teuvo L J; Taari, Kimmo; Roobol, Monique J; Schröder, Fritz H; Bangma, Chris H; Carlsson, Sigrid; Aus, Gunnar; Zappa, Marco; Puliti, Donella; Denis, Louis J; Nelen, Vera; Kwiatkowski, Maciej; Randazzo, Marco; Paez, Alvaro; Lujan, Marcos; Hugosson, Jonas (2016). Absolute effect of prostate cancer screening: balance of benefits and harms by center within the European randomized study of prostate cancer screening. Clinical Cancer Research, 22(1):243-249.

Puech, Philippe; Randazzo, Marco; Ouzzane, Adil; Gaillard, Vianney; Rastinehad, Ardeshir; Lemaitre, Laurent; Villers, Arnauld (2015). How are we going to train a generation of radiologists (and urologists) to read prostate MRI? Current Opinion in Urology, 25(6):522-535.

Recker, Franz; Randazzo, Marco; Kwiatkowski, Maciej; Huber, Andreas; Seifert, Burkhardt (2015). PSA-basiertes Prostatakarzinom-Screening: ein Weg zur Reduktion der "Harms" Seite : die individuelle risiko-adaptierte Früherkennung. info@onkologie, 5(02):37-39.

Randazzo, Marco; Beatrice, Josef; Huber, Andreas; Grobholz, Rainer; Manka, Lukas; Chun, Felix K; Kluth, Luis A; Wyler, Stephen F; Recker, Franz; Kwiatkowski, Maciej (2015). Is further screening of men with baseline psa < 1ng/ml worthwhile? the discussion continues - results of the Swiss ERSPC (Aarau). International Journal of Cancer, 137(3):553-559.

Recker, Franz; Randazzo, Marco; Wyler, Stephen F; Huber, Andreas; Cornelius, Alexander; Seifert, Burkhardt; Kwiatkowski, Maciej (2015). Dépistage individuel par dosage du PSA en fonction des risques. Swiss Medical Forum, 15(33):719-722.

Recker, Franz; Randazzo, Marco; Wyler, Stephen F; Huber, Andreas; Cornelius, Alexander; Seifert, Burkhardt; Kwiatkowski, Maciej (2015). Individuelles risiko-adaptiertes PSA-Screening. Swiss Medical Forum, 15(33):719-722.

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