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Rastner, Philipp; Prinz, Rainer; Notarnicola, Claudia; Nicholson, Lindsey; Sailer, Rudolf; Schwaizer, Gabriele; Paul, Frank (2019). On the automated mapping of snow cover on glaciers and calculation of snow line altitudes from multi-temporal Landsat data. Remote Sensing, 11(12):1410.

Mölg, Nico; Bolch, Tobias; Rastner, Philipp; Strozzi, Tazio; Paul, Frank (2018). A consistent glacier inventory for the Karakoram and Pamir derived from Landsat data: distribution of debris cover and mapping challenges. Earth System Science Data Discussions, 10:1807-1827.

Paul, Frank; Bolch, Tobias; Briggs, Kate; Kääb, Andreas; McMillan, Malcolm; McNabb, Robert; Nagler, Thomas; Nuth, Christopher; Rastner, Philipp; Strozzi, Tazio; Wuite, Jan (2017). Error sources and guidelines for quality assessment of glacier area, elevation change, and velocity products derived from satellite data in the Glaciers_cci project. Remote Sensing of Environment, 203:256-275.

Rastner, Philipp; Strozzi, Tazio; Paul, Frank (2017). Fusion of multi-source satellite data and DEMs to create a new glacier inventory for Novaya Zemlya. Remote Sensing, 9(11):1122.

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Falaschi, Daniel; Bolch, Tobias; Rastner, Philipp; Lenzano, Maria Gabriela; Lenzano, Luis; Lo Vecchio, Andrés; Moragues, Silvana (2017). Mass changes of alpine glaciers at the eastern margin of the Northern and Southern Patagonian Icefields between 2000 and 2012. Journal of Glaciology, 63(238):258-272.

Callegari, Mattia; Carturan, Luca; Marin, Carlo; Notarnicola, Claudia; Rastner, Philipp; Seppi, Roberto; Zucca, Francesco (2016). A Pol-SAR analysis for alpine glacier classification and snowline altitude retrieval. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 9(7):3106-3121.

Rastner, Philipp; Joerg, Philip C; Huss, Matthias; Zemp, Michael (2016). Historical analysis and visualization of the retreat of Findelengletscher, Switzerland, 1859–2010. Global and Planetary Change, 145:67-77.

Allen, S K; Rastner, Philipp; Arora, M; Huggel, Christian; Stoffel, Markus (2016). Lake outburst and debris flow disaster at Kedarnath, June 2013: hydrometeorological triggering and topographic predisposition. Landslides, 13(6):1479-1491.

Rastner, Philipp; Bolch, Tobias; Notarnicola, Claudia; Paul, Frank (2014). A comparison of pixel- and object-based glacier classification with optical satellite images. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 7(3):853-862.

Pfeffer, W Tad; Arendt, Anthony A; Bliss, Andrew; Bolch, Tobias; Cogley, J Graham; Gardner, Alex S; Hagen, Jon-Ove; Hock, Regine; Kaser, Georg; Kienholz, Christian; Miles, Evan S; Moholdt, Geir; Mölg, Nico; Paul, Frank; Radić, Valentina; Rastner, Philipp; Raup, Bruce H; Rich, Justin; Sharp, Martin J (2014). The Randolph Glacier Inventory: a globally complete inventory of glaciers. Journal of Glaciology, 60(221):537-552.

Rastner, Philipp. The local glaciers and ice caps on Greenland: their mapping, separation from the ice sheet and their climate sensitivity. 2014, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Carturan, Luca; Filippi, Roberto; Seppi, Roberto; Gabrielli, Paolo; Notarnicola, Claudia; Bertoldi, Luca; Paul, Frank; Rastner, Philipp; Cazorzi, Federico; Dinale, Roberto; Dalla Fontana, Giancarlo (2013). Area and volume loss of the glaciers in the Ortles-Cevedale group (Eastern Italian Alps): controls and imbalance of the remaining glaciers. The Cryosphere, 7(5):1339-1359.

Bolch, Tobias; Sandberg Sørensen, L; Simonsen, S B; Mölg, Nico; Machguth, Horst; Rastner, Philipp; Paul, Frank (2013). Mass loss of Greenland's glaciers and ice caps 2003-2008 revealed from ICESat laser altimetry data. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(5):875-881.

Paul, Frank; Barrand, Nicholas E; Baumann, S; Berthier, Etienne; Bolch, Tobias; Casey, Kimberly A; Frey, Holger; Joshi, S P; Konovalov, V; Le Bris, Raymond; Mölg, Nico; Nosenko, G; Nuth, Christopher; Pope, Allen; Racoviteanu, Adina; Rastner, Philipp; Raup, Bruce; Scharrer, Kilian; Steffen, S; Winsvold, Solveig H (2013). On the accuracy of glacier outlines derived from remote-sensing data. Annals of Glaciology, 54(63):171-182.

Rastner, Philipp; Bolch, Tobias; Mölg, Nico; Machguth, Horst; Le Bris, Raymond; Paul, Frank (2012). The first complete inventory of the local glaciers and ice caps on Greenland. The Cryosphere, 6(6):1483-1495.

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