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Ringer, Simone Katja; Mama, K R (2019). Chemical restraint for standing procedures. In: Auer, Jörg A; Stick, John; Kümmerle, Jan M; Prange, Timo. Equine surgery. St. Louis, Missouri, 345-356.

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van Spijk, Julia N; Fürst, Anton; Del Chicca, Francesca; Ringer, Simone Katja; Jackson, Michelle Amanda (2015). Minimally-invasive plate osteosynthesis of a Salter-Harris type 2 fracture of the proximal phalanx in a filly. Equine Veterinary Education, 27(4):179-182.

Bumbacher, S; Bryner, M F; Fürst, Anton; Del Chicca, Francesca; Ringer, Simone Katja; Jackson, Michelle Amanda (2014). Treatment of a femoral fracture with a titanium locking compression plate distal femur (LCP-DF) in a young donkey. Equine Veterinary Education, 26(1):27-31.

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Kalchofner Guerrero, Karin S; Picek, S; Ringer, Simone Katja; Jackson, Michelle Amanda; Hässig, Michael; Bettschart-Wolfensberger, Regula (2009). A study of cardiovascular function under controlled and spontaneous ventilation in isoflurane-medetomidine anaesthetized horses. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 36(5):426-435.

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