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Lorentzen, Anna; Becker, Paul F; Kosla, Jan; et al; Mihic-Probst, Daniela; Roblek, Marko (2018). Single cell polarity in liquid phase facilitates tumour metastasis. Nature Communications, 9(1):887.

Roblek, Marko; Strutzmann, Elisabeth; Zankl, Christina; Adage, Tiziana; Heikenwalder, Mathias; Atlic, Aid; Weis, Roland; Kungl, Andreas; Borsig, Lubor (2016). Targeting of CCL2-CCR2-glycosaminoglycan axis using a CCL2 decoy protein attenuates metastasis through inhibition of tumor cell seeding. Neoplasia, 18(1):49-59.

Roblek, Marko; Calin, Manuela; Schlesinger, Martin; Stan, Daniela; Zeisig, Reiner; Simionescu, Maya; Bendas, Gerd; Borsig, Lubor (2015). Targeted delivery of CCR2 antagonist to activated pulmonary endothelium prevents metastasis. Journal of Controlled Release, 220(PtA):341-347.

Roblek, Marko. Endothelial CCR2 Promotes Pulmonary Metastasis. 2015, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Yang, Yi; Gorzelanny, Christian; Bauer, A T; Halter, Natalia; Komljenovic, D; Bäuerle, T; Borsig, Lubor; Roblek, Marko; Schneider, Stefan (2015). Nuclear heparanase-1 activity suppresses melanoma progression via its DNA-binding affinity. Oncogene, 34:5832-5842.

Schlesinger, Martin; Roblek, Marko; Ortmann, Katrin; Naggi, A; Torri, G; Borsig, L; Bendas, Gerd (2014). The role of VLA-4 binding for experimental melanoma metastasis and its inhibition by heparin. Thrombosis research, 133(5):855-862.

Borsig, L; Wolf, Monika Julia; Roblek, Marko; Lorentzen, A; Heikenwalder, Mathias (2014). Inflammatory chemokines and metastasis – tracing the accessory. Oncogene, 33(25):3217-3224.

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