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Traber, G L; Chen, C C; Huang, Y Y; Spoor, M; Roos, J; Frens, M A; Straumann, D; Grimm, C (2012). Albino mice as an animal model for infantile nystagmus syndrome. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 53(9):5737-5747.

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Strässle, S; Roos, J; Mali, M; Keller, H; Ohno, T (2008). Lack of Evidence for Orbital-Current Effects in the High-Temperature Y2Ba4Cu7O15-δ Superconductor using ^89Y Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Physical Review Letters, 101(23):237001.

Koehler, C; Niederbichler, A D; Scholz, T; Bode, B; Roos, J; Jung, F J; Hoerstrup, S P; Hellermann, J P; Wedler, V (2006). Should human chondrocytes fly? The impact of electromagnetic irradiation on chondrocyte viability and implications for their use in tissue engineering. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, 29(5-6):415-420.

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