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Rottmar, Markus; Haralampieva, Deana; Salemi, Souzan; Eberhardt, Christian; Wurnig, Moritz C; Boss, Andreas; Eberli, Daniel (2016). Magnetization transfer MR imaging to monitor muscle tissue formation during myogenic in vivo differentiation of muscle precursor cells. Radiology, 281(2):436-443.

Eberhardt, Christian; Wurnig, Moritz C; Wirsching, Andrea; Rossi, Cristina; Rottmar, Markus; Özbay, Pinar S; Filli, Lukas; Lesurtel, Mickael; Boss, Andreas (2016). Intravoxel incoherent motion analysis of abdominal organs: computation of reference parameters in a large cohort of C57Bl/6 mice and correlation to microvessel density. Magma, 29(5):751-763.

Kopf, Brigitte S; Schipanski, Angela; Rottmar, Markus; Berner, Simon; Maniura-Weber, Katharina (2015). Enhanced differentiation of human osteoblasts on Ti surfaces pre-treated with human whole blood. Acta Biomaterialia, 19:180-190.

Rottmar, Markus; Richter, Michael; Mäder, Xenia; Grieder, Kathrin; Nuss, Katja; Karol, Agnieszka; von Rechenberg, Brigitte; Zimmermann, Erika; Buser, Stephan; Dobmann, Andreas; Blume, Jessica; Bruinink, Arie (2015). In vitro investigations of a novel wound dressing concept based on biodegradable polyurethane. Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 16(3):034606.

Chuck, Natalie C; Azzabi Zouraq, Fahd; Rottmar, Markus; Eberli, Daniel; Boss, Andreas (2015). MR imaging relaxometry allows noninvasive characterization of in vivo differentiation of muscle precursor cells. Radiology, 274(3):800-809.

Azzabi, Fahd; Rottmar, Markus; Jovaisaite, Virginija; Rudin, Markus; Sulser, Tullio; Boss, Andreas; Eberli, Daniel (2015). Viability, Differentiation Capacity, and Detectability of Super-Paramagnetic Iron Oxide-Labeled Muscle Precursor Cells for Magnetic-Resonance Imaging. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods, 21(2):182-191.

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