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Feldmann, Maria; Rousson, Valentin; Nguyen, Thi Dao; Bernet, Vera; Hagmann, Cornelia; Latal, Beatrice; Natalucci, Giancarlo (2019). Cognitive outcome of early school-aged children born very preterm is not predicted by early short-term amplitude-integrated electroencephalography. Acta Paediatrica:Epub ahead of print.

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Opitz, Isabelle; Arni, Stephan; Oberreiter, Birgit; Asmis, Lars M; Vogt, Peter; Rousson, Valentin; Weder, Walter; Lardinois, Didier (2013). Perioperative diclofenac application during video-assisted thoracic surgery pleurodesis modulates early inflammatory and fibrinolytic processes in an experimental model. European Surgical Research, 50(1):14-23.

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Tinguely, Marianne; Jenni, Bettina; Reineke, Tanja; Korol, Dimitri; Kofler, Andreas; Rousson, Valentin; Dommann-Scherrer, Corina; Maurer, Robert; Moch, Holger; Probst-Hensch, Nicole M (2007). Chromosomal translocations t(4;14), t(11;14) and proliferation rate stratify patients with mature plasma cell myelomas into groups with different survival probabilities: a molecular epidemiologic study on tissue microarrays. American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 31(5):690-696.

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