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Rozenberg, I; Sluka, S H M; Mocharla, P; Hallenberg, A; Rotzius, P; Borén, J; Kränkel, N; Landmesser, U; Borsig, L; Lüscher, T F; Eriksson, E E; Tanner, F C (2011). Deletion of L-selectin increases atherosclerosis development in ApoE-/- mice. PLoS ONE, 6(7):e21675.

Stämpfli, S F; Akhmedov, A; Gebhard, C; Lohmann, C; Holy, E W; Rozenberg, I; Spescha, R; Shi, Y; Lüscher, T F; Tanner, F C; Camici, G G (2010). Aging induces endothelial dysfunction while sparing arterial thrombosis. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 30(10):1960-1967.

Rozenberg, I; Sluka, S H M; Rohrer, L; Hofmann, J; Becher, B; Akhmedov, A; Soliz, J; Mocharla, P; Borén, J; Johansen, P; Steffel, J; Watanabe, T; Lüscher, T F; Tanner, F C (2010). Histamine H1 receptor promotes atherosclerotic lesion formation by increasing vascular permeability for low-density lipoproteins. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, 30(5):923-930.

Rozenberg, I. In search of new genes regulating the development of atherosclerosis. 2009, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Payeli, S K; Schiene-Fischer, C; Steffel, J; Camic, G G; Rozenberg, I; Lüscher, T F; Tanner, F C (2008). Cyclophilin A differentially activates monocytes and endothelial cells Role of purity, activity, and endotoxin contamination in commercial preparations. Atherosclerosis, 197(2):564-571.

Tanner, F C; van der Loo, B; Shaw, S; Greutert, H; Bachschmid, M M; Berrozpe, M; Rozenberg, I; Blau, N; Siebenmann, R; Schmidli, J; Meyer, P; Lüscher, T F (2007). Inactivity of nitric oxide synthase gene in the atherosclerotic human carotid artery. Basic Research in Cardiology, 102(4):308-317.

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