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Saner, P; Loh, Y Y; Ong, R C; Hector, A (2012). Carbon stocks and fluxes in tropical lowland dipterocarp rainforests in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. PLoS ONE, 7(1):e29642.

Saner, P; Philipson, C; Ong, R C; Majalap, N; Egli, S; Hector, A (2011). Positive effects of ectomycorrhizal colonization on growth of seedlings of a tropical tree across a range of forest floor light conditions. Plant and Soil, 338(1-2):411-421.

Hector, A; Philipson, C; Saner, P; Chamagne, J; Dzulkifli, D; O'Brien, M; Snaddon, J L; Ulok, P; Weilenmann, M; Reynolds, G; Godfray, H C J (2011). The Sabah biodiversity experiment: a long-term test of the role of tree diversity in restoring tropical forest structure and functioning. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 366(1582):3303-3315.

Hautier, Y; Saner, P; Philipson, C; Bagchi, R; Ong, R C; Hector, A (2010). Effects of seed predators of different body size on seed mortality in Bornean logged forest. PLoS ONE, 5(7):e11651.

Hector, A; Hautier, Y; Saner, P; Wacker, L; Bagchi, R; Joshi, J; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Spehn, E M; Bazeley-White, E; Weilenmann, M; Caldeira, M C; Dimitrakopoulos, P G; Finn, J A; Huss-Danell, K; Jumpponen, A; Mulder, C P H; Palmborg, C; Pereira, J S; Siamantziouras, A S D; Terry, A C; Troumbis, A Y; Schmid, B; Loreau, M (2010). General stabilizing effects of plant diversity on grassland productivity through population asynchrony and overyielding. Ecology, 91(8):2213-2220.

Saner, P; Lim, R; Burla, B; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Hector, A (2009). Reduced soil respiration in gaps in logged lowland dipterocarp forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 258:2007-2012.

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