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Reyhanloo, Tony; Baumgärtner, Stefan; Haeni, Matthias; Quatrini, Simone; Saner, Philippe; von Lindern, Eike (2018). Private-sector investor’s intention and motivation to invest in Land Degradation Neutrality. PLoS ONE, 13(12):e0208813.

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Tuck, Sean L; O'Brien, Michael J; Philipson, Christopher D; Saner, Philippe; Tanadini, Matteo; Dzulkifli, Dzaeman; Godfray, H Charles J; Godoong, Elia; Nilus, Reuben; Ong, Robert C; Schmid, Bernhard; Sinun, Waidi; Snaddon, Jake L; Snoep, Martijn; Tangki, Hamzah; Tay, John; Ulok, Philip; Wai, Yap Sau; Weilenmann, Maja; Reynolds, Glen; Hector, Andy (2016). The value of biodiversity for the functioning of tropical forests: insurance effects during the first decade of the Sabah biodiversity experiment. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences, 283(1844):20161451.

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Saner, Philippe. Stimmt es, dass es im ostafrikanischen Binnenstaat Ruanda keine Plastiksäcke gibt? In: Journal. Die Zeitung der Universität Zürich, 1 February 2013, p.20.

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Turnbull, Lindsay A; Philipson, Christopher D; Purves, Drew W; Atkinson, Rebecca L; Cunniff, Jennifer; Goodenough, Anne; Hautier, Yann; Houghton, Jennie; Marthews, Toby R; Osborne, Colin P; Paul-Victor, Cloé; Rose, Karen E; Saner, Philippe; Taylor, Samuel H; Woodward, F Ian; Hector, Andy; Rees, Mark (2012). Plant growth rates and seed size: a re-evaluation. Ecology, 93(6):1283-1289.

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