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Sauppe, Sebastian (2017). Word order and voice influence the timing of verb planning in german sentence production. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:1648.

Sauppe, Sebastian (2017). Symmetrical and asymmetrical voice systems and processing load: Pupillometric evidence from sentence production in Tagalog and German. Language. Journal of the Linguistic Society of America, 93(2):288-313.

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राई, नोवल किशोर; राई, मनोज; पौड्याल, नेत्र प्रसाद; Schikowski, Robert; Bickel, Balthasar; Stoll, Sabine; Gaenszle, Martin; बन्जादे, गोमा; राई, इच्छा पूर्णा; भट्ट, तोया नाथ; Sauppe, Sebastian; राई, रिखी माया; राई, जनक कुमारी; राई, लास कुमारी; राई, दुर्ग बहादुर; राई, गणेश; राई, दयाराम; राई, दुर्ग कुमारी; राई, अनिता; राई, चन्द्र कुमारी; राई, शन्ति माया; राई, रविन्द्र कुमार; Pettygrew, Judith; Dirksmeyer, Tyko (2011). छिन्ताङ-नेपाली-अँग्रेजी शब्दकोश तथा व्याकरण. Kathmandu: MPI.

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