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Losapio, Gianalberto; Pugnaire, Francisco I; O'Brien, Michael J; Schöb, Christian (2018). Plant life history stage and nurse age change the development of ecological networks in an arid ecosystem. Oikos, 127(9):1390-1397.

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Pistón, Nuria; Schöb, Christian; Armas, Cristina; Prieto, Iván; Pugnaire, Francisco I (2016). Contribution of co-occurring shrub species to community richness and phylogenetic diversity along an environmental gradient. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 19:30-39.

Chen, Jianguo; Schöb, Christian; Zhou, Zhuo; Gong, Qiangbang; Li, Xinhui; Yang, Yang; Li, Zhimin; Sun, Hang (2015). Cushion plants can have a positive effect on diversity at high elevations in the Himalayan Hengduan Mountains. Journal of Vegetation Science, 26(4):768-777.

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Michalet, Richard; Maalouf, Jean-Paul; Choler, Philippe; Clément, Bernard; Rosebery, David; Royer, Jean-Marie; Schöb, Christian; Lortie, Christopher (2015). Competition, facilitation and environmental severity shape the relationship between local and regional species richness in plant communities. Ecography, 38(4):335-345.

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Schöb, Christian; Callaway, Ragan M; Anthelme, Fabien; Brooker, Rob W; Cavieres, Lohengrin A; Kikvidze, Zaal; Lortie, Christopher J; Michalet, Richard; Pugnaire, Francisco I; Xiao, Sa; Cranston, Brittany H; García, Mary-Carolina; Hupp, Nicole R; Llambí, Luis D; Lingua, Emanuele; Reid, Anya M; Zhao, Liang; Butterfield, Bradley J (2014). The context dependence of beneficiary feedback effects on benefactors in plant facilitation. New Phytologist, 204(2):386-396.

Siefert, Andrew; Violle, Cyrille; Chalmandrier, Loïc; Albert, Cécile H; Taudiere, Adrien; Fajardo, Alex; Aarssen, Lonnie W; Baraloto, Christopher; Carlucci, Marcos B; Cianciaruso, Marcus V; de L. Dantas, Vinícius; de Bello, Francesco; Duarte, Leandro D. S; Fonseca, Carlos R; Freschet, Grégoire T; Gaucherand, Stéphanie; Gross, Nicolas; Hikosaka, Kouki; Jackson, Benjamin; Jung, Vincent; Kamiyama, Chiho; Katabuchi, Masatoshi; Kembel, Steven W; Kichenin, Emilie; Kraft, Nathan J. B; Lagerström, Anna; Bagousse-Pinguet, Yoann Le; Li, Yuanzhi; Mason, Norman; Messier, Julie; Nakashizuka, Tohru; Overton, Jacob McC; Peltzer, Duane A; Pérez-Ramos, I. M; Pillar, Valério D; Prentice, Honor C; Richardson, Sarah; Sasaki, Takehiro; Schamp, Brandon S; Schöb, Christian; Shipley, Bill; Sundqvist, Maja; Sykes, Martin T; Vandewalle, Marie; Wardle, David A (2015). A global meta-analysis of the relative extent of intraspecific trait variation in plant communities. Ecology Letters, 18(12):1406-1419.

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