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Kellenberger, Roman T; Byers, Kelsey J R P; De Brito Francisco, Rita M; Staedler, Yannick M; LaFountain, Amy M; Schönenberger, Jürg; Schiestl, Florian P; Schlüter, Philipp M (2019). Emergence of a floral colour polymorphism by pollinator-mediated overdominance. Nature Communications, 10:63.

Sauquet, Hervé; von Balthazar, Maria; Doyle, James A; Endress, Peter K; Magallón, Susana; Staedler, Yannick; Schönenberger, Jürg (2018). Challenges and questions in reconstructing the ancestral flower of angiosperms: A reply to Sokoloff et al. American Journal of Botany, 105(2):127-135.

Sauquet, Hervé; von Balthazar, Maria; Magallón, Susana; Doyle, James A; Endress, Peter K; Bailes, Emily J; Barroso de Morais, Erica; Bull-Hereñu, Kester; Carrive, Laetitia; Chartier, Marion; Chomicki, Guillaume; Coiro, Mario; Cornette, Raphaël; El Ottra, Juliana H L; Epicoco, Cyril; Foster, Charles S P; Jabbour, Florian; Haevermans, Agathe; Haevermans, Thomas; Hernández, Rebeca; Little, Stefan A; Löfstrand, Stefan; Luna, Javier A; Massoni, Julien; Nadot, Sophie; Pamperl, Susanne; Prieu, Charlotte; Reyes, Elisabeth; dos Santos, Patrícia; Schoonderwoerd, Kristel M; Sontag, Susanne; Soulebeau, Anaelle; Staedler, Yannick; Tschan, Georg F; Wing-Sze Leung, Amy; Schönenberger, Jürg (2017). The ancestral flower of angiosperms and its early diversification. Nature Communications, 8:16047.

Nikolov, Lachezar A; Staedler, Yannick M; Manickam, Sugumaran; Schönenberger, Jürg; Endress, Peter K; Kramer, Elena M; Davis, Charles C (2014). Floral structure and development in Rafflesiaceae with emphasis on their exceptional gynoecia. American Journal of Botany, 101(2):225-243.

Sedeek, Khalid E M; Scopece, Giovanni; Staedler, Yannick M; Schönenberger, Jürg; Cozzolino, Salvatore; Schiestl, Florian P; Schlüter, Philipp M (2014). Genic rather than genome-wide differences between sexually deceptive Ophrys orchids with different pollinators. Molecular Ecology, 23(24):6192-6205.

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