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Devanathan, V; Jakovcevski, I; Santuccione, A; Li, S; Lee, H J; Peles, E; Leshchyns'ka, I; Sytnyk, V; Schachner, M (2010). Cellular form of prion protein inhibits Reelin-mediated shedding of Caspr from the neuronal cell surface to potentiate Caspr-mediated inhibition of neurite outgrowth. Journal of Neuroscience, 30(27):9292-92305.

Meier, I D; Bernreuther, C; Tilling, T; Neidhardt, J; Wong, Y W; Schulze, C; Streichert, T; Schachner, M (2010). Short DNA sequences inserted for gene targeting can accidentally interfere with off-target gene expression. FASEB Journal, 24(6):1714-1724.

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Santuccione, A; Sytnyk, V; Leshchyns'ka, I; Schachner, M (2005). Prion protein recruits its neuronal receptor NCAM to lipid rafts to activate p59fyn and to enhance neurite outgrowth. Journal of Cell Biology, 169(2):341-354.

Heller, M; von der Ohe, M; Kleene, R; Mohajeri, M H; Schachner, M (2003). The immunoglobulin-superfamily molecule basigin is a binding protein for oligomannosidic carbohydrates: an anti-idiotypic approach. Journal of Neurochemistry, 84(3):557-565.

Biffiger, K; Bartsch, S; Montag, D; Aguzzi, A; Schachner, M; Bartsch, U (2000). Severe hypomyelination of the murine CNS in the absence of myelin-associated glycoprotein and fyn tyrosine kinase. Journal of Neuroscience, 20(19):7430-7437.

Isenmann, S; Molthagen, M; Brandner, S; Bartsch, U; K├╝hne, G; Magyar, J P; Sure, U; Schachner, M; Aguzzi, A (1995). The AMOG/beta 2 subunit of Na,K-ATPase is not necessary for long-term survival of telencephalic grafts. Glia, 15(4):377-388.

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