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Budishchev, A; Mi, Y; van Huissteden, J; Belelli-Marchesini, L; Schaepman-Strub, G; Parmentier, F J W; Fratini, G; Gallagher, A; Maximov, T C; Dolman, A J (2014). Evaluation of a plot-scale methane emission model using eddy covariance observations and footprint modelling. Biogeosciences, 11(17):4651-4664.

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Schaepman, Michael E; Kneubühler, M; Bartholomeus, H; Malenovský, Z; Damm, A; Schaepman-Strub, G (2010). Scaling spectroscopic approaches – from leaf albedo to ecosystems mapping. In: Art, Science and Applications of Reflectance Spectroscopy Symposium, Boulder, Colorado, 23 February 2010 - 25 February 2010, 1-19.

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Schaepman, Michael E; Koetz, B; Schaepman-Strub, G; Itten, K I (2005). Spectrodirectional remote sensing for the improved estimation of biophysical and -chemical variables: two case studies. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 6(3-4):271-282.

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