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Dolf, Gaudenz; Gaillard, Claude; Russenberger, Jane; Moseley, Lou; Schelling, Claude (2018). Factors contributing to the decision to perform a cesarean section in Labrador retrievers. BMC Veterinary Research, 14(1):57.

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Schrack, J; Dolf, Gaudenz; Reichler, Iris M; Schelling, Claude (2017). Factors influencing litter size and puppy losses in the Entlebucher Mountain dog. Theriogenology, 95:163-170.

Awasthi Mishra, Nivedita; Drögemüller, Cord; Jagannathan, Vidhya; Keller, Irene; Wüthrich, Daniel; Bruggmann, Rémy; Beck, Julia; Schütz, Ekkehard; Brenig, Bertram; Demmel, Steffi; Moser, Simon; Signer-Hasler, Heidi; Pieńkowska-Schelling, Aldona; Schelling, Claude; Sande, Marcos; Rongen, Ronald; Rieder, Stefan; Kelsh, Robert N; Mercader, Nadia; Leeb, Tosso (2017). A structural variant in the 5'-flanking region of the TWIST2 gene affects melanocyte development in belted cattle. PLoS ONE, 12(6):e0180170.

Balogh, Orsolya; Berger, Alice; Pienkowska-Schelling, A; Willmitzer, Florian; Grest, Paula; Janett, Fredy; Schelling, Claude; Reichler, Iris (2015). 37,X/38,XY mosaicism in a cryptorchid Bengal cat with Müllerian duct remnants. Sexual Development, 9(6):327-332.

Besselmann, Dorothea; Schaub, D; Wenker, Christian; Völlm, Jürg; Robert, Nadia; Schelling, Claude; Steinmetz, H W; Clauss, Marcus (2008). Juvenile mortality in captive lesser kudu (Tragelaphus imberbis) at Basle Zoo and its relation to nutrition and husbandry. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 39(1):86-91.

Rogalska-Niznik, N; Szczerbal, I; Dolf, G; Schelling, Claude; Switonski, Marek (2003). Canine-Derived cosmid probes containing microsatellites can be used in physical mapping of Arctic Fox (Alopex lagopus) and Chinese Raccoon Dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides procyonoides) genomes. Journal of Heredity, 94(1):89-93.

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