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Reis, L M; Tyler, R C; Weh, E; Hendee, K E; Schilter, K F; Phillips, J A; Sequeira, S; Schinzel, A; Semina, E V (2016). Whole exome sequencing identifies multiple diagnoses in congenital glaucoma with systemic anomalies. Clinical Genetics, 90(4):378-382.

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Odak, L; Barisić, I; Morozin Pohovski, L; Riegel, M; Schinzel, A (2011). Novel duplication on chromosome 16 (q12.1-q21) associated with behavioral disorder, mild cognitive impairment, speech delay, and dysmorphic features: case report. Croatian Medical Journal, 52(3):415-22.

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Niedrist, D; Lurie, I W; Schinzel, A (2009). 4q32-q35 and 6q16-q22 are valuable candidate regions for split hand/foot malformation. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17(8):1086-1091.

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Schinzel, A (1996). Uniparental Disomy and Genomic Imprinting in Humans. Acta geneticae medicae et gemellologiae, twin research, 45(1-2):145-152.

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