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Steinman, L; Bar-Or, A; Behne, J M; Benitez-Ribas, D; Chin, P S; Clare-Salzler, M; Healey, D; Kim, J I; Kranz, D M; Lutterotti, A; Martin, R; Schippling, S; Villoslada, P; Wei, C H; Weiner, H L; Zamvil, S S; Yeaman, M R; Smith, T J (2016). Restoring immune tolerance in neuromyelitis optica: Part I. Neurology: Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation, 3(5):e276.

Bar-Or, A; Steinman, L; Behne, J M; Benitez-Ribas, D; Chin, P S; Clare-Salzler, M; Healey, D; Kim, J I; Kranz, D M; Lutterotti, A; Martin, R; Schippling, S; Villoslada, P; Wei, C H; Weiner, H L; Zamvil, S S; Smith, T J; Yeaman, M R (2016). Restoring immune tolerance in neuromyelitis optica: Part II. Neurology: Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation, 3(5):e277.

Kappos, L; Edan, G; Freedman, M S; Montalbán, X; Hartung, H P; Hemmer, B; Fox, E J; Barkhof, F; Schippling, S; Schulze, A; Pleimes, D; Pohl, C; Sandbrink, R; Suarez, G; Wicklein, E M (2016). The 11-year long-term follow-up study from the randomized BENEFIT CIS trial. Neurology, 87(10):978-987.

Schippling, S; O'Connor, P; Knappertz, V; Pohl, C; Bogumil, T; Suarez, G; Cook, S; Filippi, M; Hartung, H P; Comi, G; Jeffery, D R; Kappos, L; Goodin, D S; Arnason, B (2016). Incidence and course of depression in multiple sclerosis in the multinational BEYOND trial. Journal of Neurology, 263(7):1418-1426.

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Opfer, R; Suppa, P; Kepp, T; Spies, L; Schippling, S; Huppertz, H J (2016). Atlas based brain volumetry: How to distinguish regional volume changes due to biological or physiological effects from inherent noise of the methodology. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 34(4):455-461.

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von Gumberz, J; Mahmoudi, M; Young, K; Schippling, S; Martin, R; Heesen, C; Siemonsen, S; Stellmann, J P (2016). Short-term MRI measurements as predictors of EDSS progression in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: grey matter atrophy but not lesions are predictive in a real-life setting. PeerJ, 4:e2442.

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Schippling, S; Balk, Lj; Costello, F; Albrecht, P; Balcer, L; Calabresi, Pa; Frederiksen, Jl; Frohman, E; Green, Aj; Klistorner, A; Outteryck, O; Paul, F; Plant, Gt; Traber, G; Vermersch, P; Villoslada, P; Wolf, S; Petzold, A (2015). Quality control for retinal OCT in multiple sclerosis: validation of the OSCAR-IB criteria. Multiple Sclerosis, 21(2):163-170.

Bennett, J L; de Seze, J; Lana-Peixoto, M; Palace, J; Waldman, A; Schippling, S; Tenembaum, S; Banwell, B; Greenberg, B; Levy, M; Fujihara, K; Chan, K H; Kim, H J; Asgari, N; Sato, D K; Saiz, A; Wuerfel, J; Zimmermann, H; Green, A; Villoslada, P; Paul, F (2015). Neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis: Seeing differences through optical coherence tomography. Multiple Sclerosis, 21(6):678-688.

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Oberwahrenbrock, T; Ringelstein, M; Jentschke, S; Deuschle, K; Klumbies, K; Bellmann-Strobl, J; Harmel, J; Ruprecht, K; Schippling, S; Hartung, H; Aktas, O; Brandt, A U; Paul, F (2013). Retinal ganglion cell and inner plexiform layer thinning in clinically isolated syndrome. Multiple Sclerosis, 19(14):1887-1895.

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Lutterotti, A; Yousef, S; Sputtek, A; Stürner, K H; Stellmann, J P; Breiden, P; Reinhardt, S; Schulze, C; Bester, M; Heesen, Ch; Schippling, S; Miller, S D; Sospedra, M; Martin, R (2013). Antigen-specific tolerance by autologous myelin peptide-coupled cells: a phase 1 trial in multiple sclerosis. Science Translational Medicine, 5(188):188ra75.

Rieckmann, P; Boyko, A; Centonze, D; Coles, A; Elovaara, I; Havrdová, E; Hommes, O; Lelorier, J; Morrow, S A; Oreja-Guevara, C; Rijke, N; Schippling, S (2013). Future MS care: a consensus statement of the MS in the 21st Century Steering Group. Journal of Neurology, 260(2):462-469.

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Schippling, S; Kempf, C; Büchele, F; Jelcic, I; Bozinov, O; Bont, A; Linnebank, M; Sospedra, M; Weller, M; Budka, H; Martin, R (2013). JCV granule cell neuronopathy and GCN-IRIS under natalizumab treatment. Annals of Neurology, 74(4):622-626.

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Lutterotti, A; Jelcic, I; Schulze, C; Schippling, S; Breiden, P; Mazzanti, B; Reinhardt, S; DiGioia, M; Repice, A; Massacesi, L; Sputtek, A; Salinas-Riester, G; Kroeger, N; Sospedra, M; Saccardi, R; Zander, A; Martin, R (2012). No proinflammatory signature in CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells in multiple sclerosis patients. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 18(8):1188-1192.

Metz, I; Radue, E W; Oterino, A; Kümpfel, T; Wiendl, H; Schippling, S; Kuhle, J; Sahraian, M A; Gray, F; Jakl, V; Häusler, D; Brück, W (2012). Pathology of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in multiple sclerosis with natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. Acta Neuropathologica, 123(2):235-245.

Brandt, A U; Zimmermann, H; Kaufhold, F; Promesberger, J; Schippling, S; Finis, D; Aktas, O; Geiser, C; Ringelstein, M; Ringelstein, E B; Hartung, H P; Paul, F; Kleffner, I; Dörr, J (2012). Patterns of retinal damage facilitate differential diagnosis between Susac syndrome and MS. PLoS ONE, 7(6):e38741.

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Oberwahrenbrock, T; Schippling, S; Ringelstein, M; Kaufhold, F; Zimmermann, H; Keser, N; Young, K L; Harmel, J; Hartung, H P; Martin, R; Paul, F; Aktas, O; Brandt, A U (2012). Retinal damage in multiple sclerosis disease subtypes measured by high-resolution optical coherence tomography. Multiple sclerosis international, 2012:530305.

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Aly, L; Yousefi, S; Schippling, S; Jelcic, I; Breiden, P; Matschke, J; Schulz, R; Bofill-Mas, S; Jones, L; Demina, V; Linnebank, M; Ogg, G; Girones, R; Weber, T; Sospedra, M; Martin, R (2011). Central role of JC virus-specific CD4+ lymphocytes in progressive multi-focal leucoencephalopathy-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 134(Pt 9):2687-2702.

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