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Solly, Emily F; Weber, Valentino; Zimmermann, Stephan; Walthert, Lorenz; Hagedorn, Frank; Schmidt, Michael W I (2019). Is the content and potential preservation of soil organic carbon reflected by cation exchange capacity? A case study in Swiss forest soils. Biogeosciences Discussions:Epub ahead of print.

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Griepentrog, Marco; Bodé, Samuel; Boeckx, Pascal; Hagedorn, Frank; Heim, Alexander; Schmidt, Michael W I (2014). Nitrogen deposition promotes the production of new fungal residues but retards the decomposition of old residues in forest soil fractions. Global Change Biology, 20(1):327-340.

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Müller-Böker, Ulrike; Haeberli, Wilfried; Elsasser, H; Brassel, K; Itten, K I; Schmidt, Michael W I; Weibel, Robert (2003). The earth in accelerated change: living space in the 21st century: divergence and convergence in geography – approaches and perspectives at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich. Geographica Helvetica, 58(3):1-13.

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