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Schmierer, Philipp A; Smolders, Lucas A; Zderic, Ivan; Gueorguiev, Boyko; Pozzi, Antonio; Knell, Sebastian Christoph (2019). Biomechanical properties of plate constructs for feline ilial fracture gap stabilization. Veterinary Surgery, 48(1):88-95.

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Schmierer, Philipp A; Kircher, Patrick R; Hartnack, Sonja; Knell, Sebastian Christoph (2015). Screw loosening and pelvic canal narrowing after lateral plating of feline ilial fractures with locking and nonlocking plates. Veterinary Surgery, 44(7):900-904.

Schmierer, Philipp A; Schwarz, Andrea; Bass, Danielle A; Knell, Sebastian Christoph (2014). Novel avulsion pattern of the left principal bronchus with involvement of the carina and caudal thoracic trachea in a cat. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, 16(8):695-698.

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