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Horio, M; Hauser, K; Sassa, Y; Mingazheva, Z; Sutter, D; Kramer, K; Cook, A; Nocerino, E; Forslund, O K; Tjernberg, O; Kobayashi, M; Chikina, A; Schröter, N B M; Krieger, J A; Schmitt, T; Strocov, V N; Pyon, S; Takayama, T; Takagi, H; Lipscombe, O J; Hayden, S M; Ishikado, M; Eisaki, H; Neupert, T; Månsson, M; Matt, C E; Chang, J (2018). Three-Dimensional Fermi Surface of Overdoped La-Based Cuprates. Physical Review Letters, 121(7):077004.

Ivashko, O; Shaik, N E; Lu, X; Fatuzzo, C G; Dantz, M; Freeman, P G; McNally, D E; Destraz, D; Christensen, N B; Kurosawa, T; Momono, N; Oda, M; Matt, C E; Monney, C; Rønnow, H M; Schmitt, T; Chang, J (2017). Damped spin excitations in a doped cuprate superconductor with orbital hybridization. Physical review. B, 95:214508.

Monney, C; Schmitt, T; Matt, C E; Mesot, J; Strocov, V N; Lipscombe, O J; Hayden, S M; Chang, J (2016). Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of the spin and charge excitations in the overdoped superconductor $La_{1.77} Sr_{0.23} CuO_4$. Physical Review B, 93(7):075103.

Fatuzzo, C G; Dantz, M; Fatale, S; Olalde-Velasco, P; Shaik, N E; Dalla Piazza, B; Toth, S; Pelliciari, J; Fittipaldi, R; Vecchione, A; Kikugawa, N; Brooks, J S; Rønnow, H M; Grioni, M; Rüegg, C; Schmitt, T; Chang, J (2015). Spin-orbit-induced orbital excitations in ${\text{Sr}}_{2}{\text{RuO}}_{4}$ and ${\text{Ca}}_{2}{\text{RuO}}_{4}$: A resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study. Physical Review B, 91(15):online.

Wagner, N; Pellet, J; Lötters, S; Schmidt, B R; Schmitt, T (2011). The superpopulation approach for estimating the population size of ‘prolonged’ breeding amphibians: Examples from Europe. Amphibia-Reptilia, 32(3):323-332.

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