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Schmitz, M; Bourquin, J P; Bornhauser, B C (2011). Alternative technique for intrafemoral injection and bone marrow sampling in mouse transplant models. Leukemia and Lymphoma, 52(9):1806-1808.

Schmitz, M; Breithaupt, P; Scheidegger, N; Cario, G; Bonapace, L; Meissner, B; Mirkowska, P; Tchinda, J; Niggli, F K; Stanulla, M; Schrappe, M; Schrauder, A; Bornhauser, B C; Bourquin, J P (2011). Xenografts of highly resistant leukemia recapitulate the clonal composition of the leukemogenic compartment. Blood, 118(7):1854-1864.

Scherber, C; Mwangi, P N; Schmitz, M; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Bessler, H; Engels, C; Eisenhauer, N; Migunova, V D; Scheu, S; Weisser, W W; Schulze, E D; Schmid, B (2010). Biodiversity and belowground interactions mediate community invasion resistance against a tall herb invader. Journal of Plant Ecology, 3(2):99-108.

Hertzberg, L; Vendramini, E; Ganmore, I; Cazzaniga, G; Schmitz, M; Chalker, J; Shiloh, R; Iacobucci, I; Shochat, C; Zeligson, S; Cario, G; Stanulla, M; Strehl, S; Russell, L J; Harrison, C J; Bornhauser, B; Yoda, A; Rechavi, G; Bercovich, D; Borkhardt, A; Kempski, H; te Kronnie, G; Bourquin, J P; Domany, E; Izraeli, S (2010). Down syndrome acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a highly heterogeneous disease in which aberrant expression of CRLF2 is associated with mutated JAK2: a report from the International BFM Study Group. Blood, 115(5):1006-1017.

Bonapace, L; Bornhauser, B C; Schmitz, M; Cario, G; Ziegler, Urs; Niggli, F K; Schäfer, B W; Schrappe, M; Stanulla, M; Bourquin, J P (2010). Induction of autophagy-dependent necroptosis is required for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells to overcome glucocorticoid resistance. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 120(4):1310-1323.

Mwangi, P N; Schmitz, M; Scherber, C; Roscher, C; Schumacher, J; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Weisser, W W; Schmid, B (2007). Niche pre-emption increases with species richness in experimental plant communities. Journal of Ecology, 95(1):65-78.

Schmitz, M; Graf, C; Gut, T; Sirena, D; Peter, I; Dummer, R; Greber, U F; Hemmi, S (2006). Melanoma cultures show different susceptibility towards E1A-, E1B-19 kDa- and fiber-modified replication-competent adenoviruses. Gene Therapy, 13(11):893-905.

Roscher, C; Temperton, V M; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Schmitz, M; Schumacher, J; Schmid, B; Buchmann, N; Weisser, W W; Schulze, E D (2005). Overyielding in experimental grassland communities – irrespective of species pool or spatial scale. Ecology Letters, 8(4):419-429.

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