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Dubois, A E J; Turner, P J; Hourihane, J; Ballmer-Weber, B; Beyer, K; Chan, C -H; Gowland, M H; O'Hagan, S; Regent, L; Remington, B; Schnadt, S; Stroheker, T; Crevel, R W R (2018). How does dose impact on the severity of food-induced allergic reactions, and can this improve risk assessment for allergenic foods? Allergy, 73(7):1383-1392.

Grabenhenrich, L B; Reich, A; Bellach, J; Trendelenburg, V; Sprikkelman, A B; Roberts, G; Grimshaw, K E C; Sigurdardottir, S; Kowalski, M L; Papadopoulos, N G; Quirce, S; Dubakiene, R; Niggemann, B; Fernández-Rivas, M; Ballmer-Weber, B; van Ree, R; Schnadt, S; Mills, E N C; Keil, T; Beyer, K (2017). A new framework for the documentation and interpretation of oral food challenges in population-based and clinical research. Allergy, 72(3):453-461.

Muraro, A; Agache, I; Clark, A; Sheikh, A; Roberts, G; Akdis, C A; Borrego, L M; Higgs, J; Hourihane, J O'B; Jorgensen, P; Mazon, A; Parmigiani, D; Said, M; Schnadt, S; van Os-Medendorp, H; Vlieg-Boerstra, B J; Wickman, M (2014). EAACI food allergy and anaphylaxis guidelines: managing patients with food allergy in the community. Allergy, 69(8):1046-1057.

Muraro, A; Hoffmann-Sommergruber, K; Holzhauser, T; Poulsen, L K; Gowland, M H; Akdis, C A; Mills, E N C; Papadopoulos, N; Roberts, G; Schnadt, S; van Ree, R; Sheikh, A; Vieths, S (2014). EAACI food allergy and anaphylaxis guidelines. Protecting consumers with food allergies: understanding food consumption, meeting regulations and identifying unmet needs. Allergy, 69(11):1464-1472.

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