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Johnston, A J; Murphy, K T; Jenkinson, L; Laine, D; Emmrich, K; Faou, P; Weston, R; Jayatilleke, K M; Schloegel, J; Talbo, G; Casey, J L; Levina, V; Wong, W W; Dillon, H; Sahay, T; Hoogenraad, J; Anderton, H; Hall, C; Schneider, P; Tanzer, M; Foley, M; Scott, A M; Gregorevic, P; Liu, S Y; Burkly, L C; Lynch, G S; Silke, J; Hoogenraad, N J (2015). Targeting of Fn14 prevents cancer-induced cachexia and prolongs survival. Cell, 162(6):1365-1378.

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Völker, H; Eppenschwandtner, W; Gerhardt, A; Groneberg, M; König, T; Kruse, S; Mues, C; Schneider, P; Thomas, J (2009). Hochschulpolitische Rahmenbedingungen. In: Stock, S. Erfolgreich promovieren. Ein Ratgeber von Promovierten für Promovierende. Berlin: Springer, 21-29.

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Strobel, Klaus; Burger, C; Schneider, P; Weber, M; Hany, Thomas F (2007). MIBG-SPECT/CT-angiography with 3-D reconstruction of an extra-adrenal phaeochromocytoma with dissection of an aortic aneurysm. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 34(1):150.

Vince, J E; Wong, W Wei-Lynn; Khan, N; Feltham, R; Chau, D; Ahmed, A U; Benetatos, C; Chunduru, S K; Condon, S; McKinlay, M; Brink, R; Leverkus, M; Tergaonkar, V; Schneider, P; Callus, B A; Koentgen, F; Vaux, David L; Silke, John (2007). IAP antagonists target cIAP1 to induce TNFα-dependent apoptosis. Cell, 131(4):682-693.

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Hobi, R; Hübscher, U; Neftel, K; Alteri, E; Poncioni, B; Walker, M R; Woods-Cook, K; Schneider, P; Lazdins, J K (2001). Anti-HIV-1 activity in vitro of ceftazidime degradation products. Antiviral Chemistry & Chemotherapy, 12(2):109-118.

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