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Gerster, Karine; Biason-Lauber, Anna; Schoenle, Eugen J (2017). Clinical follow-up of the first SF-1 insufficient female patient. Annales d'endocrinologie, 78(3):156-161.

Ruecker, Beate; Lang-Muritano, Mariarosaria; Spanaus, Katharina; Welzel, Maik; l'Allemand, Dagmar; Phan-Hug, Franziska; Katschnig, Claudia; Konrad, Daniel; Holterhus, Paul-Martin; Schoenle, Eugen J (2015). The aldosterone/renin ratio as a diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of primary hypoaldosteronism in newborns and infants. Hormone Research in Paediatrics, 84(1):43-48.

Chin, Siew Hung; Item, Flurin; Wueest, Stephan; Zhou, Zhou; Wiedemann, Michael S F; Gai, Zhibo; Schoenle, Eugen J; Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A; Al-Hasani, Hadi; Konrad, Daniel (2015). Opposing effects of reduced kidney mass on liver and skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity in obese mice. Diabetes, 64(4):1131-1141.

Wueest, Stephan; Item, Flurin; Boyle, Christina N; Jirkof, Paulin; Cesarovic, Nikola; Ellingsgaard, Helga; Böni-Schnetzler, Marianne; Timper, Katharina; Arras, Margarete; Donath, Marc Y; Lutz, Thomas A; Schoenle, Eugen J; Konrad, Daniel (2014). Interleukin-6 contributes to early fasting-induced free fatty acid mobilization in mice. American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, 306(11):R861-R867.

Wiedemann, Michael Sf; Wueest, Stephan; Grob, Alexandra; Item, Flurin; Schoenle, Eugen J; Konrad, Daniel (2014). Short-term HFD does not alter lipolytic function of adipocytes. Adipocytes, 3(2):115-120.

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Wiedemann, Michael S F; Wueest, Stephan; Item, Flurin; Schoenle, Eugen J; Konrad, Daniel (2013). Adipose tissue inflammation contributes to short-term high-fat diet-induced hepatic insulin resistance. American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism, 305(3):E388-E395.

Rapold, Reto A; Wueest, Stephan; Knoepfel, Adrian; Schoenle, Eugen J; Konrad, Daniel (2013). Fas activates lipolysis in a Ca2+-CaMKII-dependent manner in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Journal of Lipid Research, 54(1):63-70.

Rytka, Julia M; Wueest, Stephan; Schoenle, Eugen J; Konrad, Daniel (2011). The portal theory supported by venous drainage-selective fat transplantation. Diabetes, 60(1):56-63.

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